[WANTED] Wiiceiver + Nunchuk for EFOIL

I’m riding an efoil ride now:my efoil and I’m looking for a working Wiiceiver and Nunchuk pair.

Does anyone want to sell?


That build…wow

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Wow that’s a crazy nice build. I’d love to try one one day but I’m assuming I’m too heavy for this thing.

There should really be a waterproof remote for this

Where are you situated?

Leipzig, Germany

I’m going to begin an EFoil build this fall and winter. Hoping to fine tune everything before the spring in Florida where I live. Looking forward to getting my built. Best of luck my friend.

Sorry for the delay, this is all I have, I though that I had a Wiiceiver but can’t find it anywhere.



Would this help you?

I really need the Wiiceiver. I lost mine as well :wink: Maybe you can have a look again? Your the only one how might have one. Also asked in other forums.