Wanting to build an e-mountainboard. (Firstly the board itself)

OK, so I researched a bit. The electronics can wait, I want to build the board first. The cheapest wheels I could find were these http://mbseurope.com/product/mbs-complete-7-wheel/8 coming in at $28 each. If I were to put the wheels together myself, with MBS products, it would be more than $40 each. My questions are:

  • Are those $28 ones worth it quality and durability wise?
  • Can I even turn them electric (They don’t have holes like the five star hubs do)
  • Is 7" big enough? Trucks are decided, the only budget mountainboard trucks I could find were these: http://mbseurope.com/product/mbs-ats-12-truck/2 The deck itself is still a question, but I have a tiny 120 cm snowboard, that I can tinker with. Also I have a tight budget, so please keep that in mind.

Btw - from which country are you? Looks like you are located in Eu :wink:

I would say… if you can find a suitable ‘adapter plate’ for these wheels/hubs, then do it…

The spokes look rather thin to me… but I think some others users will hop in here and suggest you some others wheels etc… I believe trampa has a good variety / choice of wheels but im not sure will they fit your budget that well.

Not sure about the deck as much… I think snowboard deck’s are quite flexy… which might not be the best thing for an emtb / eboard in general… It will ‘‘shake’’ / move around quite a bit once you go over some obstacles… at least I did not like when my first board did this… and also, at least, at the beginning, it seemed like the flexy deck puts more pressure on the feet, so they got pretty sore fast… (was also using bindings, which might have contributed to this)

Though, you can check around… I think at least a couple of ppl have tried to use snowboard deck… just not sure about the result :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply! I’ve heard good thinks about trampa products, but they are a bit over-priced for me… By the way, I live in Hungary (middle-europe), so you were right. I’ll be searching for those mounting plates, I hope they exist. For the snowboard, I have the same concerns, but it’s free, so I can still buy a proper deck, if it wouldn’t work. And again, thanks for the suggestions, it was really helpful. If you have more useful information, I am happy to hear it! Cheers!

If you have not built.before or you dont have access to metal workshop (lathe) i would actually suggest trying to find some ready made solution!

Take a look at @Idea thread where he sells pulleys / drive kit.

It might require trampa wheels but will save hassle of making everything on your own. Though 3d printed parts is another story, have not tried them myself for drivetrain, but it looks like he has made them from durable plastic.

Try ebay.co.uk… look for some emtb deals… then find a guy who is going to ship the board/deck to you… this way you might get the whole board for quite low price… though, if you can try to get spring trucks… they just seem to be better suited for emtbs :slight_smile:

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That is awesome! I just decided on trampa hypa wheels! This might be the best choice, thanks a lot! :grinning:


Yes… the regular plastic ones rattle… the bearings does not sit flash / straight into their place…

You would also need to make an adapter plate from plastic (similar like idea has)… which would ‘‘extend’’ the hub, so that you can mount the sprocket/ pulley to the wheel… This would require some precision, tools and of, course the material…

So yes, if you can afford the wheels… just get them and you should be good to go (after you get the drive kit from Idea or someone else :wink: )

I was thinking about this one. Hope it will work. Thanks for the idea again!