Wanting to buy pneumatic wheels... Any suggestions are appreciated

Hello, so this week my Skikes (oh man they suck so much… see pic.) pretty much exploded…

I wanted to buy some 6 inch wheels or maybe even trampa 7 inch but they are pretty expensive and made for 9mm axle so I would have to change the bearings and that would cost even more money… I already have my trucks (caliver II) machined so the axle is longer so I could fit the skikes which are 34mm hub width…

This is what I found so far (apart from trampa) https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/6X2-Inflation-Tire-Wheel-Use-6-Tire-Alloy-Hub-150mm-Pneumatic-Tyre-Electric-Scooter-F0-Pneumatic/632724_32808118999.html?spm=2114.12010608.0.0.2995e5c023eWrC

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Take my dog :dog: after surgery as a cute bonus… I sure do need it because I am pretty disappointed after the skike failure… :smiley:

Have you seen @psychotiller’s pneumatic wheels? I’ve ridden them and they are great on pavement and over grass/dirt


Yeah I have seen them but he seems to be only selling tires and tubes for them… they are the same as the ones I found on aliexpress. That is why I chose them… they are at least somewhat “tested”

why not just get the evolve AT kit? its 200$, and comes with everything you need. It also comes with bearings to allow for 8mm axles.

I was looking at that but I am not sure if 7 inch is not too big on regular trucks :confused:

Huh?! My tires and tubes do come from China. Just like all others, but the difference is I make my own wheels and they fit all trucks without requiring any mods. Also, skikes suck, and mine don’t.


And sixshooters are 6". Not 7

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I know you make your own but I didnt find them on your website so I had to look elsewhere and found exact same tires just some chinese hubs… I guess I worded it wrong my bad

They’re on my site.


Oh thank you! I was just about to order the other ones… I guess I missed it there somehow

Are you saying you dont think the 6 shooters are tested? I mean, Ive got 150 miles on mine, so thats pretty well tested :slight_smile:

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Yeah, Actually it’s probably safe to say more testing has been done on boards using my wheels than any of the other non-longboard specific wheels. Not sure what was meant by the “somewhat tested” statement.

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oh man guys… okay… let me explain because it is all going the wrong way :smiley:

So I knew @psychotiller makes wheels so I went to his website and somehow failed to find or missed his wheels and only found those tires and tubes so I was searching on the Internet and found same looking same size 6 inch tires so after my skike exploded I thought that these from aliexpress are at least somewhat tested because psychotiller and his customers use them or similar to them more than skikes.

No need to be passive aggressive here :smiley: just a misunderstanding hope it is clear

Ive got a set of the wobblies (the v.01 6 shooters) that I’m gonna try the 6” 150*50mm 70A Airless wheels on, if you can wait until delivery Ill tell you if it works.

Not being passive agressive, just being clear. It appeared you were stating that the PT 6 Shooters hadnt been tested so I wanted to correct that s they are the best numies on the market. I’ve ridden Skikes, MBS, Evolve and Trampa wheels…the 6 Shooters are better.

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Not being passive aggressive…Even if you bought the tires I use on my sixshooter wheels and put them on your skike hubs, it wouldn’t be functional…It’s not the same thing. They are super narrow hubs which make the tires have a slim profile and stand up too high. This allows them to flop over and wash out. My hubs are 36mm wide and offset for a reason.

I’m only coming at you because everything you’ve written somehow slightly slanders my site or my wheels. You don’t get it, because you haven’t done that much research and that’s fine, but dude, you’re not getting the same thing from somewhere else.


The cone of shame! :smile:

Okay never mind… I understand you have to defend your shop and products, I am not saying they are bad or anything.

You can also print my hubs and use the china tires. But @psychotiller’s are way more professional and high quality hubs.

Hey Max! Are you going to try out those new solid tires for your printed hubs?