Warhorse 2! Custom "Hollow-Core"/Integrated Build

well, let’s call this a piece of art. Congrats man. Shred it !

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This looks SEXY! Love it!


Ahhh thank you everyone!

@okp I have been drooling over your build since 2016. Thank you so much for all the inspiration!!! You got me addicted to this stuff :heart_eyes:

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Made a diagram of what’s going on.

Probably alot easier to understand what’s going on in the diagram than in the pictures. Anyways channeling the wires is taking some time. About half way done now.


I need some help…

So all the bms wires are channeled and I was just hooking up the B- and P- to the battery. B- to the negative of the battery and P- to the positive. However when I went to solder the P- I got a huge spark melting the end of my wire. Obviously I shorted the battery :persevere:

This is my first time bypassing a bms so I must have hooked it up wrong. I don’t see how though. @thisguyhere this is the bms you sell. Can you maybe take a look? Thanks

This is the bms’s diagram


And this is my diagram of exactly how I hooked it up.

I have yet to connect all the bms wires for the cells but I have never done that first in the other batteries I have made.

Here are real pics of what I have done

Obviously something is seriously wrong!

There won’t be anymore progress until I figure this out. Thanks everyone.

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sparking off the bms is not good, examine your bms to see if there’s any obvious burned out components on it.

the diagram you have above is incorrect, just drew this up.

didn’t bother with the balance leads, but the basic bypass wiring is on the top, the way it’s wired on your diagram is on the bottom.


Yep I think I killed the bms. @thisguyhere thanks for the diagram totally my mistake. It seemed to be working up until I solder all the bms leads on. I checked each voltage and they were correctly connected however this spot on the bms got hot and stays hot.

Everywhere else is room temperature so I must have broken something there.

I also did plug in the charger for around 2 hrs to see if it would balance the cells and it didn’t seem to do anything. For now I will just balance them with my imax. Will have to find another bms.

For now I guess I will just have to balance charge with my imax and buy a new bms


Anyone know of a small 12s bms with balance?

The reason the bms shorted is because you connected the positive of the battery to the p- (bms output negative or power negative) this is basically a straight short and your lucky the bms has a short circuit protection otherwise the battery would be cooked to. When wiring the battery positive goes straight to the load.

Good work on the deck, I really want to try this

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sorry buddy, I burned out my first BMS too.

I’ve got a couple of these modules remaining, let keep know if u want me to reserve one for you if you’re not ready replace it just yet.

you could also just find one on eBay, Ali, banggood…


Couldnt help myself and took my first official ride today! Yesterday got my bushings and the motor mount solid. Had to buy entirely new bolts for it. The ones that came with it stripped too easily. I am using 94 green and 90 red venom barrels stacked together. Totally stable as long as weight is above front truck.

Charged the cells up to 49 volts and did a speed test. It was breaking 30 mph no problem. However my speedometer app said I broke 40…

I honestly don’t believe that though. I definitely felt faster than 30 but I don’t even think 40 is possible at 12s and 149kv especially in a 3p configuration. I would expect there to be too much voltage sag. Also I had the vesc limited to use only 40 amps. I will have to give it another test some other time.

Also the deck was totally solid at these speeds. It has no flex! Feels and looks just like a normal deck. And because the weight it in the center of the board it’s short take is actually functional :grinning:


Forgot to explain my anti spark connector. There is a sanded down xt90s inside the deck and was put in while I was making it along with the charging port. All you do is simply plug the other end in and it is fused!


REALLY cool man!! Congrats on all the hard work.

Is that 40amp fuse enough? If I had my vesc batt at 40a I would feel better with a 50amp fuse.

Yeah definitely want to get a new one even if you think that it could be fine. Not worth the risk. I went through three batteries due to a shorted drain resistor, after I thought mine was fine after a misplaced balance lead. Got a new one off ebay and it fixed the problem. $100 mistake there…

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Yeah I am going to get 60 amp fuse. 40 is just all I have right now. I will also up the esc to 50 amps.

Still trying to pick one out! Any suggestions?

I went with the FOCBOX’s when they were cheap on black friday, but I would probably still pick a focbox even with the 145-155$ pricetag

Oh I though you were talking about a BMS. I am using a focbox right now. I bought a second a while back but don’t think I have space for it and a bms

Ohhh well in the BMS department, the SuPower 12S 60A one I have been using for about 300miles now works well.

Yeah those are great. I had an 8s 60 amp one in my first build. That one is only 8s and is too big to fit in the deck. I think another bms pick out just need to order!

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