Warning: eskating.eu battery switches are not in an optimal position

I dont know if this has been said before, but eskating.eu switches on thier batteries are horrible.

I have been using mine for a while, and it looks nice and big and even semi water resistant, but it is too easy to flick. What this results in, is the switch literally being turned off by rocks and sticks which flick up from the wheels, and if you’re on a belt driven setup with pnumies at speed this results in a sudden and very strong braking due to the resistance at 30+.

I knew about this issue for a little while, however putting off fixing it too long has now lead to a sprained ankle and worse a broken leg, cast time 6 weeks and a lot of pain. I was wearing a ruroc at the time of falling and did not hit my head. I ride on the wide paths we have here in Swansea, however my board went straight into the middle of the A road. Luckily, from the floor, I was able to wave away cars from the board until someone helped me out.

Please fix issues you know about and don’t be like me, and if you’re using the eskating.eu battery with built in switch, change that shit ASAP. Perhaps just putting a cage or something around the button would fix it


Get well soon.

Amazing that when we fall we can’t even enjoy the fall without worrying about our boards.


I’ve seen that switch on a ride and indeed I was amazed it was positioned on the bottom of the enclosure. Incidentally that switch failed during that ride. It was hit by a bump from electrical wiring I believe and the switch fell apart.