Was considering adding grip, then, not so much

I bought some lucid medium clear spray on. Got some grip tape. Couldnt decide. Then I rode.

I cant see how I need anything at all. I tend to shift stance a lot, and adding grip would make that feel funky. Yes, I have an inch drop, and that is all the stay on I need. I have heard that if your shoes get wet, that changes, but I dont ride thru water.

It just occured to me, that a good alternative would be a textured paint, if possible clear. Such as wrinkle paint, or such. It would grip, and would not collect dirt.

Anyone tried anything different than the two usual grips?

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Rustoleum 278073 10.25 Oz Purple Glitter Specialty Spray Paint (Pack o– Max Warehouse

There is a line of glitter paint, by krylon, and rustoleum, the rust… one is very textured. Looks great too. I dont know how tough it is, but a hard polyurethane could be applied over, thinly and keep the texture. It is smoothish rough, so would not stain and dirty fast.

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Grip helps a lot.


This is what @ZeroChamber does for breakfast.

And Brunch!

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Grip doesn’t make it much harder to change your stance, But it does make it much harder for your stance to change unintentionally due to vibration etc…

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