Was this a bad idea....VESC

Read somewhere on here that vesc could heat up so I went and put some heat sink on the vesc. Mines doesn’t overheat(atleast I don’t think it does). Currently running 9s 5ah, just ordered another battery so it’ll be 12 5ah soon. But I went and put these on just for the sake of protecting my vesc since those are one of the most important/expansive part Was this a mistake :flushed:


No, it wasn’t a mistake… your all good


Pheeewww :astonished::dash: thanks for the confirm

You know how long it takes to dry ?

I don’t think thermal paste is meant to dry. I use thermal paste for mechanically clamped cpu heat solutions, the paste just makes contact with the component and the fan and is meant to be fluid for as long as possible(better heat flow). Not sure how this is meant to stick.

Can confirm; I have thermal compound from 14 years ago, still not dry. Just as wet as day 1


So what do I have to do to make it stick ? I thought this was a permanent paste or something. Don’t want it moving while riding my board

theres thermal paste then thermal epoxy. Some are meant to set and hold things together while others provide little to no adhesion and are only there to spread heat.

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The white thermal compound I believe is not non-toxic either so make sure you wash your hands immediately after touching it.

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It do have some grip to it. Doubt the vibration would knock them off. I just thought this was a permanent stick. Always learning new things with these esk8 stuff it’s pretty fun though haha

So the one I have, that’ll work fine for the heat ?

For those who know thermal paste :sweat_smile:

That’s not how thermal compound works

Yea I am not really sure. Just looked it up and found that :no_mouth:

lol what. nah nah

@MannyM0E You’re fine man. As long as it doesn’t get all over the board cause it is usually conductive if not capacitive.

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What about something like that?


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i used thermal expoxy before. it makes some what difference but if u expose the vesc out in air it is pretty much the same.

u can simply use compound and cabletie

mine is failed because drv cheap was defective, but my suggestion would be to just ventilate the vesc rather than thermal whatever.

if u use 2 vesc, i dont think u need much cooling since they spread load.

only using 1 vesc. Right now looking at some 3D closure for the vesc itself

just use thermal pads…

that’s what’s i use on my custom dual heatsink, vescs have never gotten above 30 degrees

His thermal Paste is great and good value I have 1 of my Diy computers running on them.