Was this a mistake?

Recently ordered onsra black carve 2. I was between the BC2 and DIY. Alot of people told me if it was my first board to just buy something. I ordered my onsra, 3 weeks ago and it still hasn’t shipped. To be fair they told me it would be about 15 days. So they should ship any day now. My budget was about 2200. Did I fuck up ? Should I have done something else. I just wanted good range and decent speed. I can’t stop looking at flux motion builds thinking I screwed up haha. What do you guys think ? I guess I could still cancel my order from onsra.

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No clue Kind of lived under the esk8 rock so don’t know much up to date stuff really

but i’m guessing much hasn’t changed meepo for u600$

Decent contenders for more expensive were metoroboard and thats it really.

otherwise DIY

But mostly Esk8 is a simple device really just make sure it’s comfortable and uses good quality parts

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Ive honestly never ridden an onsra but i feel like you could have gotten a way better board with that budget…

thats what im thinking, im just pretty lost when it comes to DIY, im some what handy not with electronics though lol, its not too late to cancel my order i just dont know what i would do from there

Are you in Europe (just going off the name I’m guessing Ireland/UK lol)? The onsra BC2 I saw was ~$1900 and the only flux motion board on the site atm is €2600 so >$3100. The flux does have 2x the battery and bigger motors (and I’m sure is a great board) but if those are the same prices and models you’re thinking of I wouldn’t say one is clearly “wrong”

Honestly, DIY is a bit of a nightmare. There isn’t a huge amount of actual technical detail, like you don’t have to design circuits, but I would only recommend it if you want a new hobby and you enjoy messing with electronics. There’s the “oh this is sketchy/will it blow up” factor, and the fear and frustration of working out the parts and buying the right or wrong ones. You can get around most of the soldering by buying a battery and adapters but you still have to make sure you don’t plug something in backwards so there’s no eliminating the sparks.

I mostly enjoyed my 2ish builds but only because I love messing with electronics anyway, and making mistakes cost me a lot of time, heartache and money.

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Gotta agree with @cian I love DIY but it cost me way more in the beginning because of mistakes and trying to rush the build. If you want to ride now, I would personally buy a lightly used diy from someone that does a great job. @DEEIF is selling his award winning diy for a ridiculously low price… $2500 for his build is a effing steal. I just wish i didnt have a child to feed so I could add it to my collection…

As far as production boards go, im not a fan of non programmable esc’s, dko trucks, direct drive or cloud wheels.


I have a couple of suggestions for working out if you want to DIY/softer entries to it, but want to say again the board you ordered doesn’t seem like a terrible plan it’s more if you want to play with stuff.

What could be a cool idea is either starting with a cheaper board and modifying it? My logic is that you can dip your toes into DIY by addressing 1 or 2 separate areas or subsystems rather than having to consider everything from scratch. As an example, getting a board and riding for a few weeks then looking at how to either increase the speed or acceleration - you get a nice introduction to gear ratios, wheel size and material, and some properties of motors and you always have a simple question to ask on forums or whatever if you need help.

The big downsides to this are you don’t have a great board immediately (although tbh nothing you buy is likely to be perfect), and you can end up buying lots of stuff twice after you replace things.

The other idea would be getting something like a kit from https://buildkitboards.com/ if you think you’d like to assemble stuff and having a guarantee that the parts work together. The 324 Wh batteries aren’t as big so definitely not suitable for everyone, but for what it’s worth I mostly use a 252 Wh, occasionally switching to a 378 so for some people it’s plenty.

Didn’t realize it was that board. Definitely a killer deal.