Was wondering if this is average or slow

Also I think learning on these desert roads is making me better on the smooth city streets and sidewalks

If you’re looking for straight land speed record think @MoeStooge is probably one of the ones to talk to (or look up) but if you are racing indoors or uphill or something then different requirements than flat land top speed. Also stay safe, gear up for the inevitable crash because things happen, more confident you are more likely karma is about to bring you back down :slight_smile: (don’t take this the wrong way, experience brings confidence too but don’t let it inflate your head to being reckless)

Also check out if sidewalk riding is okay in your area, by me the police frown upon it :policeman: :frowning: because motorized thing on the sidewalk which in hindsight makes sense (it’s not a wheelchair).


Legal in California but thanksScreenshot_20190130-095228

I do use a helmet I seen that one video so yup no brain injuries here. Got helmets for my whole family after seenin that.

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Not looking for the or a record just wanted to make sure I’m moving up the ladder ok. I just don’t want to be slow. With these cracks and pot holes here in The HD I’ve learned to tuck and roll plenty of times. I even carry an extra jacket so it cushions my fall. Can’t wait for my ATB build ito be finished.

Where is that?

In Oak Park (Berwyn is where they stopped me) basically west suburbs of Chicago, they said since it’s a “toy vehicle” with a motor it should be on the street. I was going sort of fast on a sidewalk but it was raining and there wasn’t anyone else on that sidewalk, think in part they just wanted to check it out they asked a few questions checked my ID and gave me a warning basically.


I heard it’s supposed to get cold out there man bundle up

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I’ve been stopped here before and they asked where I was going. I already knew the law here, so I told where from I came and where to I was going (normally I don’t talk to cops, but I knew this law) and they told me to have a nice day and sent me on my way. They told me as long as I was going somewhere and not just riding around, I was legal. Which is what I also discovered when I read the laws. But these laws only apply to the city of Saint Louis and not any suburbs. So your results may vary. Read your laws, and vote.


Good to know yeah I think legality with esk8 in Chicago (downtown) is a bit more grey area think not allowed in business district but that’s basically everywhere (I might also be getting mixed up with quadcopter restrictions since I’m always looking into those). Like people are saying in the reddit posts here basically the police look past it here as long as you aren’t being a nuisance or giving them reason to stop you aside from the esk8

I personally don’t ride downtown often since the train picks up and drops off close enough for it not to be worth it for my morning/evening commute, but I see one wheels and boosted riders occasionally and no one seems to mind too much (no one wants extra people on the streets but decent amount of bike lanes).


I live in the center of downtown here, so my commute is opposite yours I think Lolz

Those are my cruising speeds. It’s fast but you can still ride relaxed. Above 30 is when I really need to concentrate and get into a tuck.