Washington D.C. Metro ESk8 Enthusiasts- Meetup?

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I figured we should probably get our own thread and stop spamming the roll call thread with just our local specifics…

I’m good for Sunday 10/23/16, pretty much anytime. As far as location, I’ve got no real solid route ideas- I’m sure we can find some interesting places in Old Town Alexandria or downtown D.C. (mall area?) What kind of range do you guys have? I should be good for 10-12 miles, but can bring a charger as well.


I can’t go more than 3-4 miles in the Boosted, my Yuneec is out of commission due to water, and my custom board has two Jacob Hubs one burned out and the other sheared off the motor cables.

Yeah… $3000 in boards all not working. I’m aware.

Well at certain point we all experienced broken parts and unused parts that might add up close to 1k usd / euro. Still DIY project is a DIY project, fault is right behind the corner if you’re inexperienced or not careful enough.

Can’t this weekend but mark me down for the next one.

Capital crescent trail might be a great ride

I have around 15 miles. Im available Friday, Saturday, Sunday. @anon94428844 can you add external battery?

I wouldn’t add my 10s 11Ah battery to any of these boards. Yuneec eGo burns out every time I hook it up. Boosted would lose its warranty that I’m about to cash in on, and the Jacob Hub board would struggle with only one wheel.

You get the picture. :-/

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Love that we’re organizing a ride. I’m tentative for this weekend, but would love to since the weather looks like it’ll be good.

I get about 10 miles, riding Hummie’s hubs and a Space Cell, 10s3p.

Capital Crescent could be good as mentioned, but if we did that I’d recommend an EARLY ride, like 8am latest. I’ve ridden my bike on it at around 10am and it’s pretty packed with runners, walkers, and cyclists. Otherwise, would probably be a serene ride along the Potomac. I’d say start in Bethesda and roll down to Georgetown.

Other ideas?

Also, adding @Mr_Mahal

The only place I’m relatively familiar with is around the mall (free parking in front of the capitol/botanical gardens, easy metro access as well), but it’d still be more of a free-form exploration ride as I don’t know of a real solid route.

It’s been a few years since I’ve been down the CCT, think it’ll be too busy? I’m game to try it out, where would a good meet-up/parking spot be in the Bethesda area? Is the CCT what hooks into the C&O towpath as well near Georgetown? I forget how much of that is paved, I’ve only ever biked it and never cared about that before.

Sold my GT, so I’m down to 4-5 miles. I’ve ridden all around the monuments, and eventually caught too much attention riding with a buddy and got warned not to ride anywhere around the mall. I haven’t done the CCT, so I’d be open to anything.

I wouldn’t mind going early. But I would need to get up early :frowning: (35 mile drive)

Anyone near College Park? I just got the Bamboo GT for my campus commute. I always seem to be late now b’cause I can’t help but take the longest route possible. The campus is a freaking amusement park for an all terrain board w/ rolling hills and a hundred miles of sidewalks and footpaths. I highly recommend it for those of you in the area!

I’m about 10 miles away, but I’ve never been to the campus. I’ll put it on the to do list.

Meet-up tomorrow? @anon94428844 @surprisebirthday @Qwiksand @Mr_Mahal

I can’t do tomorrow unfortunately. A friend and his wife are in town, but I am definitely still interested in riding together soon.

I’m coding for a friend plus I just shipped the boosted out for service. If people want to meet up on one/two weeks I’d be game.

hi got my Carbon GT last month and want to meet for a Eboard ride open to suggestions and fun

My brother goes to CP, I go to UMBC:/. I guess I’m missing out.

Just joined this forum and also just received my evolve gt bamboo street edition. Hoping to schedule/meet some other enthusiasts for a group ride. Weather permitting, would anyone be willing to put something on the books in the next few weeks?

Saturday 11AM Theadore Roosevelt Island parking and then down the Mt. Vernon Trail might be fun? Weather this weekend is looking good

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Hope I can join next time, when my boards done.

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