Watch out for Cattle grids!

Recently I was riding along the most quite, flat, bycicle-only road near my house. First time I was riding there. In the distance I saw a metal plate covering the road, knowing my board can handle such things with ease I just slowed down to 25 Km/h (As I always slow down as a precaution). But when I was just 2m before the “plate” I noticed it wasn’t just a plate…

It’s not the image from the place I rode, but it’s the exact same grid. Just more noticeable… From a distance it looks like a plate… but trust me, it’s not ride-able and it’s a horrific crash if you try.

I don’t know how I’ve survived that fall, but I do know that I was lucky to wear a helmet! Just a tiny scratch on my face (and RIP the skin on the elbow of course :stuck_out_tongue: ) Keep your eyes open for this, when riding outside cities!


Holy shit!


Maybe a 8" pneumatic tire could crawl that at slow speed… that would hurt even most bicycles


This one looks like ‘typical’ skateboard trap… lol…

That is if someone was intentionally making such road obstacles for skateboarders…

Well, it remarkably does it’s trap job very well, I must say. I skipped the first few rails, but then my front wheels sunk in and I was thrown of the board. It’s not the typical situation where you can land you feet and make a few more steps before falling and thus slowing down. It’s just instant fall, as you really get thrown off straight forward.

hah yeh, it does look terrible for longboard wheels… im surprised you managed to skip / pass a few steps at all…but yeh i assume u had enough speed but not enough to fly over all of them…

so u just ‘sank’ like you mentioned…

I think for offroad tires similar scenario can happen… Kaly some time ago had a video where he also falls down in sand patch… - certain area of dirt/sand is just ‘empty’ so one of your wheels sink into it… and… yeh, instant fall…

though this is for natural terrain… not for ‘man made longboard trap’ like u encountered

Who the fuck place something of that shit? :joy:

I would like to think 8" pneumatics would be able to roll over that, but it would still be pretty rough. You could always upgrade to monster truck tires. :imp:


Interesting choice of tires… why the big ones in front? @Mobutusan

Watch out for these as well if you see them. I ate dirt the other day. Thankfully I was longboarding the old-fashion way, using leg force so it wasn’t massive fall :slight_smile: You can get over them vertically but horizontally it’s an instant wheel lock. Hole is perfect fit for the wheel!


I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the case. It really doesn’t serve any use other than taking riders down ! Even walking over it can prove to be ankle hazard. Not talking about ladies with heels of any size.

Guess what, in my country we have a lot of fucked up plastic road bumps which proved over the years to efficiently kill bikers when it rains. And still cause accidents when dry. Ain’t that a trap ?

I got the wheels on sale at Harbor Freight for $3.99/each (tube, tire & hub-not used), but my wheel pulleys were still on the slow boat from China. It will be a proper 4wd with matching 10"x3.5" tires soon. Shoot me a PM if you want to know more, so we don’t totally derail this thread.

You can clear them if you’re going fast enough. I’ve never attempted it personally, but I know dudes that have

Be like these guys:

Not like this guy:


THIS IS HILARIOUS!!! He was always gonna come off (look at those speed wobbles and awful stance!) the cattle grid just reduced the TTT (time to tarmac!!!) :joy:



Right there

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Seriously wtf did he think he was doing?? Clearly had no experience at all, and his trucks were WAY too loose for downhill. That’s insane. He was definitely going to come off, cattle grid or no. Made me wince when he hit it though :stuck_out_tongue:

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