Watch out NYC, eskate may be next

They better not, lots of people ride esk8’s around NYC especially Casey Neistat

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You’d think they have better things to worry about… next time there is a major attack their excuse will be “were were allocating all of our resources to seize green transportation.”


For now ebike delivery guys are taking all the heat and attention for us. And are more prevalent in nyc daily. Time will tell, but just did the (illegal) Broadway Bomb 8 miles skateboard race on Broadway from 116th to Wall Street, must have passed a hundred cops and nothing but a wave to me on my Raptor2 flying through traffic with a thousand skateboarders. Yes these kind of events will surely draw unwanted attention lol.


Casey Neistat flagrantly violating most traffic laws and posting public videos about it isn’t helping the community. Personally I can also say the drone community has similar feelings towards Casey. Cool guy and all but he hurts the cause.


I have to agree with you on that ,but he makes great videos

Give me a break!! That guy doesn’t know anything about esk8. I know more than him on many aspects of this hobby and I’m just a newcomer. He only does videos about light subjects like taking a stupid $18 K ride on an Airbus 380, or making pranks with Hollywood actors. He rides those stupid Boosted Boards because they “look cool”. Casey Neistad?? Come on boys, get real!

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to be fair, casey is a really good filmmaker. He’s also been skateboarding since he was a teenager, and he rides the boosted because for the distances and speeds he goes it’s the best board there is. Pretty sure he gets them for free too.


He’s an investor in Boosted, Inc The more are sold the more he makes

always will have people break the traffic law, accident will always happen. no goverments will issue traffic laws for E-skate, and people will not want to get a driver’s license for E-skate…, So the only way is to forbid it. many countries also doing that…what could you people do…

Really, I thought he rode boosted boards because he got them for free.

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It’s clearly obvious New York City wants all the innovation to start happening elsewhere, like in California or Shanghai.

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Off course he get them for free. He get them by the dozens. You can see them laying on his studio floor on those vídeos.