Watch this ........ (please lol)

Yes shameless self promotion but … watch my video lol I do also have a genuine question though , how the hell do I get rid of the black bars ? I’ve tried every combination of frame size but I still get the boxes !

Your video needs to be exported in the resolution the the video was recorded in, unless you want to manually crop the whole thing. At least that’s what I think…

To be fair I’ve only edited gifs, but it’s similar enough.

Thanks I’ll give that a go , I’m uploading straight from GoPro app on my phone , I didn’t know It had those settings I was concentrating more on screen size but will check those out now

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Which GoPro do you have? The older ones are limited to 720p, that could be the issue

GoPro 7 black (it’s not actually mine but my friend let’s me borrow it , I need to buy my own camera )