Water cooled board?

As some may know I live in AZ and it it about to get HOT.

I don’t really feel comfortable riding my board at 100+ degrees.

So I am designing a whole water cooled board with a temp sensor that will cut power when I exceeds a certain temperature.

This is my battery concept. All wires will be external as will the BMS. The Idea is to cover the battery in thin pipes or tubes and then to pour Heat conductive silcone over it.


I’m new to anything watercooled, can you explain how this works? How does the water running through the tubes take away that heat energy?

It will go to a radiator.

I got some heat conductive silicone. not as strong as regular silicone and it’s like half as conductive as the Lord stuff which seems the best but expensive. if the cells have a release valve for gas, which I think most do, don’t jam it with the goo. Ive heard those vents open and wonder what would’ve happened if they didn’t.

never thought to cool the battery though and was doing the motor but thought of sinking cells in resin a lot. the silicone is like molding silicone, at least the one I have, so it wont stick to the cells or the wrapper. I’ll be sinking cells part way in polyurethane to hold them

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why not just make something like a pc heat sink and put that on the batteries? if the pipes somehow leak, boooom

It would all be covered in silicon so even if the tubes leak no boom.

IMO its easier to work with solids than liquids when trying to cool stuff down, yea it would be super cool but is the complexity worth the results, you would need a pump, radiator, pipes, voltage regulator…

you actually just dump water over everything and it cools down.

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I’d run it with the temp sensor on a super hot day. Just to see if you are getting close to hot battery temps. If you are I would first consider reducing the max battery amps before adding a large water cooled system. However a working system would be nice.

Shit ima try that later

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yea I recommend it

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I was planning on doing this but shelved as I live in a temperate climate at best.

Consider taking a lot of the effort out and buy a couple of tesla loops from someone breaking a pack…there are breakers on ES & eBay of course. Cut to desired length. Hobbyking kit could be adapted boat kit with pump and radiator maybe or water cooling kit for a PC…some good 12v pumps there.

Water wetter with corrosion inhibitors

Water cooling and radiators do not like vibrations. I had a half broken pc fan that was rattling my radiator and it caused a leak. So putting it on a skateboard is sketch, but if you do it correctly, it would be bad ass. Get some serious “glue”, like liquid cement or something. Definitely use liquid metal as thermal paste.

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I got a slim radiator… let’s do it :rofl: Better yet lets get some peltiers

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i like passive cooling much more. heat pipes are very diy able and really effective. just tubing with water under a vacuum…and that’s it.


I keep looking at this but…

All the serious E-motor bikes/cars have water cooled everything, controllers, batteries & motors. Passive or air cooled seems enough though for us, even with big loads (up hill even, get a couple 1kg plus motors, no need to cool them then.) That said I have a plan in the works to clamp heat sinks to some lipos to try and squeeze as much output as I can out of them. Motors are already finned and air cooled, controllers are heat sink-ed as well with fans so…

As JensoBro would say “cool as a penguin” :sunglasses:


I agree with @banjaxxed on looking into Tesla loops, that would definitely be interesting!

would it not be easier to start with a section cut from a a tesla water cooled battery pack?

Radiators from a traditional vehicle like a small motorbike are made to withstand quite a lot of abuse (more so than the very thin walled PC type), they are rubber mounted, even so a leak is a possibility from the rad, just ensure a hole in the rad will not spill on electronics and you have a switch to turn off the pump…then you can just keep going

I’m not sure if a motorcycle radiator is going to be the right choice for an Esk8. I don’t have a lot of experience with them, but they seem quite big for a board. Low profile radiator seems like a must.