Water/Dust Proof Black Covered 6355 motors *limited time*

Tired of dirty or worried about gunk stuck in open air motor? Fear, not the Black Covered 6355 is for you. :sunglasses:

Rated at 170kv, this is the perfect motor for MASSIVE torque, strong breaks, and designed to conquer the steepest hill. Did I mention they were hall sensored? Take advantage of the sensored wire and deliver the smoothest experience in skateboard startups.:ok_hand: This is compatible with BLDC and FOC in sensored mode. I recommend using BLDC hyrbid. Every motor is pre-tested for quality assurance.

Really eye-catching on the street; perfect fit for all black theme.:black_circle: Equipped with a marble smooth outrunner cover, the design brings less drag and sufficient heat dissipation. With a submillimeter gap between outrunner and top cover, the motor is guaranteed to preserve the delicate coils and sensors. After riding the 6374, I can assure that the motor is just as good as other brands(TB) and a bit more efficient.

This is a 6374 counter part put together to show what it looks like

Sleek and simple. :yum:


  • Water/dust proof Black Covered Sensored 6355 motor
  • extended 20cm connection wire for more slack
  • 3000 watts max power
  • 60v max voltage (14)
  • 8mm shaft with keyway
  • 12 awg 200C max temperatue
  • 18mm x 3mm keyway for pulley key
  • 70mm x 63mm x 63mm demensions
  • weight: 784 grams
  • standard mounting holes


  • compatible with 6-14s battery packs
  • best used with VESC
  • NOT compatible with dual setup on normal Caliber trucks, extended is fine.

If there are any quality deficiencies, ask me and I’ll replace yours if there are any problems LIMITED TIME OFFER OF $85.99 I am located in Belmont, CA US and ship worldwide PM me if you have any questions or comments I accept local pickups, just PM me

What are you waiting for? Get yours’ now! :point_right: ZC Skate Shop

In terms of torque, how does this compare to dual turnigy sk3 6374s with 190kv each? Haven’t even finished mine yet and I’m already thinking of upgrading. The weight savings alone would be great!

Can we get photographs of the inside? Is there sealant? Are the magnets in retainer rings? What kind of magnets are they? Is it waterproof?


The Maytech branding makes me wary.

Fear, not the Black Covered 6355 is for you.

I’m also not sure whether I should be afraid or not.

Aaaaand why does it look like your only photos show a motor with scuffs and scrapes. Are they new or used?

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I would say there is 80% of the torque of 6374. All 6374 motors feel the same. So you would get .8 of the performance you get from a dual 6374 on dual 6355

Torque is a matter of kv, and copper mass, can size alone isn’t a good indicator Also sealed, means less cooling, hotter at high current/torque

@ZackoryCramer you listed these as new, are they? If not, how many miles,etc


They are all indeed new, only spun them to see if they were legit. There are scratches because I just threw them in a box for storage. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know much about calculating kv from scratch, but I am sure they are 170kv.

Lol the zcplushies.com website name gave me a chuckle… :rofl:

For real tho? I don’t like to talk about other vendors but if your going to sell a ‘new’ product I wouldn’t “throw them in a box” to get all scratched up…

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I had that domain for a bit, thought I would put it to use before expiring. :roll_eyes: Never thought about selling at that time. You’re right should’ve at least kept the carboard container. :upside_down_face:

Hmm seems like you mounted it and everything, scratches right where rocks would normally hit the motor

Oh no. That’s the 6374 counterpart I am using to show what it looks like put together.:rofl:

Oh mb didnt see that part