Water wheels for an RC car

If we could get some of these for an esk8, that would be great!


You bojo, electric skateboards don’t work on water

It could work with waterproof insulations. But weight and required tyre sizes make it very difficult to do :sweat_smile:

For this kind of project to work, you need AWD with ability to switch/limit motors rotations individually and two solutions :

  • ultra wide inflated tyres similar to what you’ve posted but “monster truck” size, the kind able to carry human weight on water surface ;

or… :jack_o_lantern:

  • ski-type spoilers on each wheels & deep grove tyres like Robbie Maddison’s bikes (you may have seen it too in the last xXx movie), continuous high speed and high dexterity. You may have aerodynamic floaters equipped to prevent it sinking when you fall (will help gliding on the water).

Expect very high Wh/mile consumption. Prius drivers resting on the beach will be angry at you until they figure out you’re riding electric !

Epicness at its summum !


What trucks do you think will work with this deck?


I think some Penny trucks will work perfectly. Super wide for all your carving needs


I think you could use this new cutting edge technology “single wheel trucks” with independent suspension, all wheel steering, advanced sideways movement and much more highly appreciated technology even NASA is jealous of. :smiley: :smiley:


half quad-skates !

No speed wobble on that one. Got springz!


Monster trucks!

Boom! :smiley:

That’s an epic video! I love the scene of him riding straight out from the beach. Very counterintuitive!

Maybe theses would work😂


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Reminds me of skateboard stabalizer :smile:

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Oh…It looks like so cool…

I see there have a new brand, named?Tindling.Maybe someone has heard of it?