Waterproof motors? Which dual engines?

I’m new to the whole e board world and I think this could be a noob question, but I couldn’t find any answears for this in other topic.

I want to build a long distance e board with top speed max. 30 km/h. While I know how to build a custom battery pack (yeah it’s gonna be big) and make it waterproof, I’m struggling to find any info about waterproofing the motors (dual motors config), or if the motors themselfs are waterproof.

Anybody has some info about it? Also I would appriciate any motor recommendations for dual motor builds.


Every each brushless motor is waterproof by design.

But driving through rain does not mean that you driving through pure rain! there is much dirt which can damage the motor like salt.

Any dirt rocks etc. could damage your engine i suggest to use mesh to protect engine.

Thanks for the info! I do not intend to drive it in pouring rain, but it’s good to know that light rain won’t damage the motors.

The tipp about dirt, rocks etc. Are also useful and I’ll keep it in mind.

Any sensorless brushless motor is waterproof (to a certain extent). You should be fine in the rain.

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The motors themselves are fine in water- the bearings won’t take a drop of rain


What’s the thing with salt? Is it because of metal corrosion? Or is there a possibility to even dissolve insulation or damage bearing casing?

At least the first but also a tiny bit of the second sentence :wink:

well… if corrosion gets to the metal can / outside case… I think it would not be that bad… If the salt starts to mess with insulation and wiring… then I would be mad…

Otherwise… really had not though about this before… only started to take notice of this possibility when someone also pointed it out… that salt might damage the motor if motor is not covered / protected from the elements.