Waterproofing Bamboo GTX

I need to waterproof the board because it rains anywhere from 60-100 days a year. I understand the risks which is why I would love some help in terms of making sure the board stays functional and is as safe as possible in the rain.

I will most likely follow this guy’s guide for the process.

https://youtu.be/sV7rlDDa02Y?t=896 ( He starts the actual process about 15 minutes in.)

I am looking for any help or tips. Anything from the best wheels to use in the rain to certain products that you KNOW about and have used not just something you’ve seen somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Yeh I read a few. I’m thinking of following this build with the link I posted. Wanted feedback to see if there was a better way or issues with what this guy did.

Nothing wrong with what he’s doing. Those things are quite “holey”. I’ve gotten away with doing much less on mine for waterproofing

I crashed a RC flying wing in a lake. That sucker ran upside down with everything exposed in the water. Only one cheap servo didn’t make it everything else survived. Airplane props make bad propellers though. Also no steering.:grimacing:

Wow that’s lucky

A 3mm x 8-10mm neoprene self adhesive strip right around the enclosure perimeter should do the trick :thumbsup:

you think that’s all I would need?

Yeah definitely

Agree it doesn’t take much can check out corrosion-x too can be used for waterproofing any metal parts that are exposed (flitetest did a youtube video covering what to coat and what to not coat with the stuff). For the most part though as long as you seal things up you shouldn’t have major problems as long as you aren’t riding the board completely under water.