Waterproofing: questions about motor

autumn arrived in germany and lately Ive more often ridden my board in somewhat wet conditions. not soaking wet, but at least somewhat wet. Ive toyed again and again with the idea of riding through autumn and even on non-snowy/wet winter days, but I know that, for a good conscience, Id want my board properly waterproofed.

so, ceramic bearings on wheels can be bought, motor mounts are mostly made from aluminium, trucks are mostly cast aluminium, enclosures can be waterproofed somewhat and connections, if LHB-style digged in within the board are no problem. but the motors themselves are partly iron for the stator, steel for the bearings, and probably aluminium or whatever the rotor material is.

questions are:

  • is the stator iron usually coated so that it wont corrode?
  • did anyone replace steel bearings with ceramic or stainless steel bearings and if so, which motor did you use? there is a bearing replacement set for the SK3 motors and Im surprised how many bearings there are inside such a motor http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/_27207__Turnigy_Aerodrive_SK3_6364_6374_Series_Replacement_Ball_Bearing_Set_5pcs_bag.html
  • if you thought about this before, which motor would you choose for such a project? one of the very closed off motors maybe?

I to am wondering about this. Curious to see what comes about!

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Mabye make some type of enclosure around the motor, water coming in contact with the motor can’t be a good thing

My thoughts so far (as WINTER IS COMMING)… I will 3d print at-least some sort of splash screen, I need air across my motor… but if I can make sure 90% of this is air NOT mud or water, I done my part

So i fly rc. I was always told not to let the motors touch salt water. But if they do to go wash them with distilled water than let them air dry. I awlays used compressed air to help. So i wouldn’t be worried about the water. Brushless motors dont have any arcing or un insulated wires so you should be fine. Here is a vid that goes over water proofing your rc stuff.


so water splashing into brushless motors should be fine? from wet roads etc?

As long as you wash it out with distilled water to get rid of all the dirt that was in the road water. I am no expert in this subject bet this is my experience.

ok thank’s. i try to avoid water and mud, but water can splash up sometimes from the road, (wet roads) appreciate the help :slight_smile:

I road my board about 30 miles in we conditions and have been fine. Just dont let the vesc or bat get we then you will have a issue.

yeah, my electronics are sealed from water :slight_smile:

in theory, brushless motors have no problem with water at all. all copper wires are coated … but the things that suffer longterm are bearings and I dont know about the stator laminations, since they have to be iron.

wish I knew more about how all the common esk8 motors are build, how many bearings and which dimension. thinking about dual 5055 motors too for wet traction.

bearings aren’t the most expensive thing, they can be replaced if needed.

Cant you just use corsionx like they did in the vid to protect the stator?

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I just bought a k n mesh air filter cover, That is water phobic and put it on my motor to cover the gaps to prevent water and more importantly rocks from flying in there and damaging it.[details=Summary]



I like it! I was actually thinking of doing the exact same thing. Let us know how you make out!

I’ve been thinking about riding through the fall/winter as well.

Interesting. It actually stays in place when the motor is running? Got a link or description of the specific air filter cover you used?

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Couldi It spray plasti dip on it improve the water resistant?

On h&k website they have all the diameter and lengths, I just bought one on Amazon and cut and sowed up the end, I also used electrical tape to hold it on , I doubt it would stay on due to right hand physics rule, otherwise. I still wanted good air flow and personally wouldn’t want to plasti dip my scorpion motor.

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R-spec motors stators and windings are chemically treated to resist corrosion from liquid ingress.

Most motor factories could do this. But it does cost a bit more per motor.

ey jason, how many bearings (and which dimension) are in the rspecc 6355? I think Ill order a set of stainless steel or ceramics and try some wet abuse. :slight_smile: