Waterproofing your board?tips

what things should I get to waterproof my battery,esc and bms as id like to be able to ride it when its wet as in Ireland its nearly always wet.

Weather strip for your enclosure,and some shrink wrap for bms etc Here’s the weather strip I bought off of ebay “uk” it’s great,it comes in 3 strips but you can peel them apart so you can get the right thickness for the flange of your enclosure.

For the shrink wrap for electronics just measure up your components and search ebay for the right size,you just use a hair dryer or heat gun to shrink it.


nice one ya looks good gunna put foam on in side the enclosure and board side then hopefully when its bolted down itll be a nice seal. wouldyou heatshrink the vesc too? not sure about it as its a focbox and could get too hot. but the bms and battery pack ya ima build that first the use kapton tape too keep it together and buy the heat shrink once its done and measured. think itll be able take the spray from the wheels on wet roads?

I don’t wrap my vesc’s as they already came with some clear protection already on them,to be honest though if you install the weather seal strip right without any gaps then no water should get in. Yeah I think foam is best inside the enclosure as it dampen’s vibrations,the motors are good to get wet and still run so no problems there.


get some corrosion x and spray everything down. and put a lot of screws into the enclosure with a weather strip


If you really want waterproof without fail get a couple of of tunes if 3m silicon, put a bed on the bottom and stuff your electronics in it and then fill in the rest. Let it cure for 3 days.


@WARMAN would you put the weather strip outside the mounting bolts or inside? ya hoping I get the right foam should help with the vibrations @GrecoMan only sell it in 250ml bottles will I go through more than that? @mmaner can only find 3m silicone paste and its 50quid for an 8oz tin :open_mouth:


go to your local hardware store and buy some 100% silicone caulk. super cheap and should work well enough

Where are you at? You can get a 12oz tube at Lowe’s for $5.

Edit:. Just saw you are in Ireland.


Mine go around the mounting holes,like I said great stuff,as you can peel apart the strips for the right thickness of your flange…heres a picture…


Insulate the motor wires everywhere with liquid tape, if not done correctly whe water will get inside the wire itself and move by capillarity, it could take a lot of time, weeks, but it will eventually get inside the enclosure right on the ESC if you regularly ride in the rain. Lesson learned the hard way from my days with RC cars


Caulking around enclosures

If you can’t operate the board underwater, it’s not “waterproof”. But mmaner’s suggestion coupled with conformal coating will be as close as you can get. The battery is a much bigger problem than anything else aside from maybe the switch and charging port.

@WARMAN ya that a better idea, you use anything else or does that work? nice fiberglass job @Pedrodemio do you use the spray or then tin ?thinkin the spray might be a bit messy but it would get everywhere @Sk8Board but thatd make taking the enclosure off a massive pain but I just do it can always take it off and redo it…not ideal tho @b264 water resistant but like heavily waterresistant as it could start raiing and id have to ride it home…or wet roads etc. what could I use instead of the 3m silicone as its 50euro for an 8oz tin

I use one you apply with a pencil that’s built in on the lid, the tape itself if viscous, but yet is easy to make a mess

what dju mean?

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I get you now ya do ya just put it around the hole for the wires ya?

that’s what the silicone is for

You have to open the motor put it where the windings are soldered to the silicone wire

Keep in mind that is only a problem if you ride in really wet conditions, when the street is a river. In my commute when it’s rain season there is some stretches of road that more than half my wheel is underwater, if not more