"Waterproofing" your board

Currently busy waterproofing my board with various methods, Plastidip, epoxy and shrink wrap, etc.

Now im interested how other people on here do their waterproofing.

mainly interested in waterproofing my battery

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Good enclosure that fits the deck. Conformal coat (clear coat) all exposed electronics Decent grommets for motor /sensor wires

Pictures always help

This thing called butyl tape has completely revolutionized how I deal with water & ingress.

I don’t waterproof anymore, I water resist. But my water resist game is on point now like never before after discovering that stuff.


Lemme know if you need more butyl. I have miles of it lol.

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havent started yet but i plan on just using some foam inbetween enclosure and deck, i hope the enclosure will fit the deck shape or im f*ed, also need something to seal the motor cables going into enclosure

The best way is to simply not have motor cables going into the enclosure.

Epoxy the male (with the pins, not the holes) MR60 connectors through the enclosure, through holes you cut in it. Don’t use sensor wires. Problem solved.

That middle XT30 connector is for lighting.

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damn bro you crazy

I’m not crazy, I just don’t like when my esk8 breaks down because it gets wet. Been there, done that. Piles of broken stuff got me to this point.

You can avoid the piles :wink:


Also look up “butyl tape” and use it, it works awesome.

Have zero wires exiting the enclosure.

Use bluetooth for ESC communication.


Is it this type or the slimmer one? € 2,53 | 1pcs Zwart Butyl Rubber Lijm Koplamp Kit Retrofit Reseal Hid Koplampen Achterlicht Shield Lijm Tapes voor Auto

Negative shipmate.

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BJLHH24/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_MYQaGb0ZFBN52 this what you want

And this?, because shipping rates are 15 euro to the netherlands

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It looks like all three of those would work. As long as it’s the non-drying kind it will work.

I personally would get the round rope one, because what I do anyway is take the strip and roll it into a rope and slim it down into the size I need.

This stuff is the consistency of used chewing gum, and it never gets hard.

Also make sure you don’t leave any scraps around when you are done because they will bond to whatever they touch after sitting for a while.

I’d consider butyl tape “permanent” on an ABS enclosure because I’m not sure how to get it back off again without destroying the enclosure.

On a high-quality fiberglass enclosure, you can get it off if you apply a lot of force but real slowly. Pry it off super slowly. Like apply lifting pressure with a screwdriver or something and it will slowly lift up over a period of several minutes or more. If you try to go faster, you might break stuff.

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Heat gun. Pops right off.

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Thanks; I’m definitely going to try that.

Along those lines, there is a rubber putty that is used to mount speakers. It is cheap, and could be used every time the enclosure is opened. The soft butylish black goo, will fit less well fitting seal on bottom of deck.

Sonic Barrier BDS-15 Butyl Rubber Door Sealer Roll 0.31" Dia. x 14.76 ft. L (parts-express.com)

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That shit is sticky as fuck.

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Where in NL are you based?

Im a local resident who builds incognito (you know why) Waterproof/water resistant boards - depending on what the clients wishes are.

That entails Conformal coating on electronics which is what your focus should be.

In most cases waterproof is not possible, giving water places to go is a clever workaround.

True waterproof can be done but remember in NL your board must still look like board.

The trick is having a supply of some of the most dangaurous chemicals in one place.

PM me and we can chat a bit.

just put everything inside this and make it tight babe THUMB_W400_46784_1