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Watt meter setup

I just picked up a Tenergy (GT Power) watt meter from Amazon to try and diagnose sine issues I’ve been having, and want to mount it somewhere that I can see it while riding. I’d like to mount the meter on top of the deck at the front truck, and run 10 gauge wire to the battery and ESC from the unit which would be ~18" of wire for the source and load sides of unit. I know we are supposed to keep the battery leads as short as possible, and the unit comes with about 3" of 12 gauge wire on either side, but for testing purposes, would running a 30-36’ loop of cable with 5.5mm bullets from the battery through the watt meter, and back to the ESC cause significant issues with performance, resistance, or accuracy of readings?

Feel free to share your live current/voltage/watt meter setup, if you have one. Even better, if you have a setup that supports datalogging, that would be even better!

Up, I’d like to know myself. I’ll be using 10awg as well. I assume the 10awg negates the distance increase?

As far as accuracy, I have 5 different meters including this one and I don’t think any of them agree!
Well, there all within a volt of each other.
This particular meter is good for monitoring your maximum amp draw from the battery while riding.
It’s been real handy for comparing different voltages,gearing, motors and Esc settings.

Vescs on FOC have trouble with long wires. U could get a set of capacitors from scorpion motors and put them in parallel with the others. That would be the right way to go about having such long wires. Thicker better. The inductance of such long wires can damage ur esc

What other units do you use, and which is your favorite? How do you have them set up? I’d really like to have data logging capabilities, but I’m not sure what’s options are out there.

The one you got is the best option that I know of.
It will log a lot of info but it will clear the data when you disconnect it from the battery.

That’s good to know, but I’ll be running torqueboards 6s &12s units for now. Hope that won’t be a problem.