Way to charge the Space cell Pro 4 faster?

Is there a cheaper option besides the one Enertion offers to charge the Space Cell Pro 4?

check Ali express for a 42v charger with a 5.5mm x 2.1mm dc jack

I have been looking and I am super confused on which one has those settings, could you send a link?



Is this the exact same charger that Enertion sells as their “fast charger” upgrade??

perhaps, sure looks like the one i have from enertion

Interesting! I’m actually very pleased with Enertion’s stock charger, works well and my Raptor seems to charge fairly quickly. Haven’t timed it from flat but I know I got from 80% to 100 in under an hour Yesterday. Think I’ll just order another SpaceCell to leave charging when I’m out n this way can swap them out instantly as n when needed.