We dont have a meetup category

I know there are a lot of us crazies out here in the san fran bay area. would love to have a thread category for us to organize meetups

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I second this idea :slight_smile:

Instead of TINDER we can call it GRINDER! Instead of swipe left or right…Frontside/Backside hahaha!


This is actually already taken. its a dating app lol

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Boooooo! Figures. Seems like all the good names are taken.

LOL Grinder! you were joking tho right?

Grinder is the gay version of Tinder, actually Tinder came after Grinder… Still a good name :stuck_out_tongue:

I had no idea hahaha I was thinking about grinding curbs not dangly bits!


I have never seen anyone ride an eboard where i live… so sad. Maybe i will be the first and start a trend in this area but i doubt it since everyone moves to florida to die. XD

@kai I think @cmatson lives in FL, so at least one living rider is in your state!

Yeah lhb is here too. Think he is in orlando area. Not sure where cmatson lives. I live in sarasota… big difference lol…

Look these guys up! Not sure where in Florida they are, but they are certainly still alive.

They are in gainsville. Way far up north compared to me. I am like an hour south of tampa. I thought thoae guys folded up shop?

That doesn’t mean they aren’t riding out that they didn’t sell a bunch of stuff to some of your neighbors. You should message some of them

Ya, I’m up north in jacksonville… haha we’re al spread out.

I think marble boards is in Florida too… tampa I believe.

specifically for gay men if i recall correctly. People used to just wear tight clothes and do coke on the bar and make terrible mistakes they regret the next morning but now we have apps.

and yeah i second the meet-up category idea i know some of you live in FL and we should have a skate day

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Sounds like a meetup category is bout to get built

Pssstttt anybody else like this idea?

Double posting like a mmmmaahhhffffffkkkkkk

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Any one in chicago? no body has them around here