We dont have a meetup category

I am. I live by O’Hare.

Cool! I’m really in south burbs but I’m always in Chicago. We gotta go riding downtown lake shore

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Maybe when it gets warmer. lol

Hi, I didn’t saw any information about the creation of a meetup category. I think this is still a good ideia and an important step to bring togehter the new e-skaters around the world and in each country. Who do we have to “bribe” to create the category? :slight_smile:

It is already created. It is called eboard events.

Hi, somehow I missed it. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

NYC meetup?

Go and post about it!!! we need to create as many micro communities within the macro community as possible!!!

ALSO, Zombie threaddddd!!! woot woot!!!