We need enclosure masterminds on this thing

Is there’s someone with the enclosure skills to create an enclosure that fits the dual escape heatsink? dual%20measurments 668C2F6E-4027-404F-B410-9A4A69013439

It would be cool if there was an enclosure specifically made for this so the integration can be flush and easy

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Most flat bottomed enclosures should accommodate this? I may be getting a dual escape enclosure from @stewii so I’ll stick it in a build and see how it goes.

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Yeah most flat enclosure would no but at the screw lids there’s some kind of rounded lips that needs good precision cut

Actualy the only flat enclosure that accept double stack battery is not wide enough for the esc case

Which board do you need this to fit?

Long Island DART 35.5 1529318833254 @bigben

There is a chance this one may fit? imageIMG_2552image


Give me a Lil measurement so I know! The pack is a 12s5p 370 MM long

1529324387141 Almost 570 MM for the enclosure

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Number 4. Externally will be be something like 500mm long.

Minimum internal height is 37mm without seal.

Hey, I make custom enclosures. Just tell me exactly what you need and I can ship it along with your battery.

What board.

For my Trampa eMTB wich is going to have the dual housing… I just did this IMG_20180330_223530