We need the parts from the ExWay

This is the bluetooth remote controller, it can also turn the board on and off, if they can why the hell can we not do it?

The charger is magnetic:

Check Press Reset, “not-review” video:


Was just watching this.

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I want that charger port:


Male and female, does anyone know where to buy it?





Thanks man!

That site is in chinese though, pretty dfficult to understand and I’m not sure how to place an order or talk to someone.

I searched the item in USA but was impossible

You need to sign up for a Taobao account to communicate with them

On/off is due to the ESC - with a VESC it’s just not possible.

Magnetic port - why not magsafe as I have done?

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I like the remote

If this the one you have?


Where did you get the female plug?

eBay - bought as a replacement part for a MacBook

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If you need anything from taobao I’d be happy to organise it for you

That would be awesome man!, I’m looking for 10 of these these charger ports males and 10 females.

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I also would like such magneet charger! Is it 42v charger??

We talked about something similar here


Just put this on the hardware wish list on the vesc project. Its not a big implementation and there will be more versions of the VESC.

A rip. I need 42volts

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The charger is just a regular one, we need the magnetic charger only.

DieBieMS may change slightly in H/W with a little extra S/W to support push-start which is even better.

If you can turn on the board using the remote then there will always be a battery drain…wonder if it goes into proper off when hitting a batt min, if not then could damage the pack eventually

Push-start uses the push to provide the starting power allowing the board to be truely powered down

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If designed correctly you can put a MCU into deepsleep that only draws a few microamps and poll for a wake up from the remote. It would literally take years for the board to take any harm.