Weapon X (spare parts build) 12s3p, maytech 100a esc, maytech 170kv 6374

Since I began my building addiction last fall, I have re-done my build swapping parts to try different ones and began accumulating lots of extra parts :sweat_smile: I’ve sold off many of the various parts here on the forum, but last week I realized I was only missing an esc and remote to have another operational board!! Soo, i ordered myself one of the new maytech 100amp escs with aluminum case and a mini remote. The motor I had failed on me months ago while riding so i figured itd work sensorless. I got busy making an enclosure (I made it a bit too big lol) and painting. The battery was recently swapped out of my lava board and is a 12s3p lg hg6 capable of 90amps cont., though im only using 65 with one motor. Ordered a 6inch 18w 12v led flood light and red laser for $20 to hardwire with a buck converter. Rode it 10 miles yesterday and it was amazing!!:smile::smile: Today i did an foc detection just for shits and giggles and it worked flawlessly!! Its raining so i cant test, but trips me out that sensored bldc wont detect, sensorless works perfect, and foc sensored works perfect​:thinking: anywho… heres some pics



I love the red rear light :slight_smile:


Any idea why the motor failed on you?

I recently ordered maytech 6374 170kv sealed ones and reading this has me abit worried :disappointed_relieved:

@Wraith, the motor had a sensor issue in bldc but ran perfect in sensorless and have it in sensored foc now… so not sure whats up but foc is soooo quiet :heart_eyes: these motors seem to be quite robust wherein you can still keep riding if the sensors mess up

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That does sound like they are quite robust that way! Hoping mine run without any issue and keep running even if there is just like yours. Odd how the sensors work fine when in Foc. Got some Foc magic at work with your motors lol

I believe many motors in the market are rebranded maytechs anyway which leads me to believe theyre a solid brand as alot of builders and companies use them! Maybe I’ll do a GB just so I can get 10 and put custom design on the cans :laughing:

Definitely recommend them, and the new 100amp esc has built in power switch and comes in an aluminum case. The old 50amp super escs didnt run foc too well, but this one does so flawlessly

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If I might ask, where did you source your 100 amp esc from? I’m looking for a good seller of them. I just got done with my first build that was an esk8 mountainboard and I’m already looking into another one but with this one being more portable lol

@ejs553 try to discuss directly with Eileen from Maytech, she may get you a discount.

@Dmaxx Nice work, love your tail light.

Rear red light is great!!! Please share buy link with rear red light.

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Tail light is from amazon

@ejs553, i purchased my esc from hyper-ion bros website. They are active on forum and have good customer service

Love the build. Lol we both have a weapon x!

Great minds think alike.
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Ha also rocking hg6’s on a different build. Those cells are the shit! Crazy rear light. Love the whole thing! @Dmaxx which deck did you build this on? And is that fwd? Never tried motors up front. Any reasons why?

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This is a blank deck from skateshred.com, dowhill racer i believe and yes it is front wheel drive. The reason for that is making my encolsure too big haha but i made it work @Lionpuncher

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