Wear a helmet folks

I wanted to share this video of a recent crash I had. My receiver got loose and could not stop accelerating and the brake would not respond. Wear a helmet folks… https://youtu.be/zkk3L9NMqVw


Some advice for the future… Aim for the bushes :wink:

Also, try to ignore the instinct to catch your fall with your hands, easy way to break a wrist. Really though, nothing is a substitute for safety equipment.

ah man thats my nightmare to be going downhill and have something cutout :fearful:

glad you’re ok!

Safety gear really makes a difference. Instead of trying to roll it out, you can use your gear to slide it out. Gives you options. Instead of trying to roll or run, just let your board run off and slide it out on your knees. It’s always better to have a controlled fall.


Glad you’re alright. Not sure what remote/receiver you’re using but if it doesn’t have a failsafe for lost signal get rid of it.


Well, you know some go full throttle when you dropout. Anythings better than those remotes.

Personally, the mini trigger is by far the best controller I’ve cross across, very reliable. Never had a drop out with this remote.

Personally, I think this instance is the reason you should learn to power slide. Fail safe brakes are the future of eboarding though imo.


Yup! Mini trigger or 2.4 nano. Both have failsafe settings too that work.

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glad you are safe. Good thing about falling in such “secure areas” in that it helps you to learn how to fall too. Not saying that this is a good thing, but it’s a good opportunity to get the good movements. I’m wearing full safety gear, at the beginning, coming from the skateboard for +20 years I was like… what’s this helmet !.. and then I kept used to it. I also thought on the people perception (I ride in Paris), and to be honest it’s really fine, even the police is pleased to see that I take security seriously. I start to wear TSG helmet for like 2 years now… seems a lot of people of the esk8 scene have followed. I’m still biased about those evolve folks that get Ruroc for the hype of the look… but I will always ride my TSG whatsoever !

happy riding !

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Yeah i chalk this up to my inexperience… I have a GT2B with a 3D printed case. I did not read the manual <— dumb. Thanks for the clues - I have now set the failsafe. THANK YOU everyone. This is a GREAT community… :slight_smile:


@maker7 a lot of forum members use GTB2. Perhaps you’d be willing to share how you set the failsafe properly?


Practice foot braking at low speed and build yourself up so you can put a foot down a keep your balance when you need it. Life saving skill.

Get yourself a light armored jacket, I picked up an armored flannel jacket at revzilla. I have taken falls at 35 mph and walked away without a scratch. Be sure to get one with a kevlar inner liner if you do. It will save you from stitches in the future. I like the Speed & Strength brand, https://www.revzilla.com/riding-shirts

If you plan on riding fast on the regular think about getting a light weight full face helmet. I would be missing teeth without mine.


@chaka That’s some serious falling experience you have had! Can you chime in on what gloves do you use?

Just a quick reference will be ok… I assume you could have posted it elswehere but im not goona go after that, if it is buried somewhere :slight_smile:

Had a minor fall today too… hit an ice block and by board just fell over… right along with myself, since I had a footstrap for the front foot from which it is not always easy to pull the foot out… anyways… some experience to learn from… (riding an emtb myself btw :wink: )

I use gloves from the hardware store most of the time. I like the rubber pads over the knuckles. If I plan on riding fast on bad roads I also wear some armored jeans. Anything to prevent road rash and cushion the impact. My injuries have been less severe now that I suit up every time I ride.

What helmet do you have?


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again:

You shouldn’t be traveling at faster seed on a skateboard than your comfortable foot breaking at.

you guys so totally see this when it comes to esk8, cars and helmets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiQZfuej7-k