Weight of wheels

¿what do you think about a list of different wheels? so we can compare their weight in one thread

diyeboard airless wheels 6 inch - 689 grams - 1,52 lbs

diyeboard airless wheels 6 inch with pulley - 759 grams - 1,67 lbs

abec11 flywheels 97mm - 351 grams - 0,77 lbs

flywheels clones 97mm - 348 grams - 0,77 lbs

flywheels clones 90mm - 300 grams - 0,66 lbs

flywheels clones 83mm - 249 grams - 0,55 lbs

trampa treads 8 inch - 524 grams - 1,16 lbs

scooter 6 inch wheels - 554 grams - 1,22 lbs


SixShooters with and without pulley


anyone got a set popoca and keels to compare

Are you going to make me go into the garage?? I presume all weights are with bearings and spacer?

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bigben to the rescue xD

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genuine im between popocas and kegels for my freestyle spud build

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If you want to jump 180’s then Kegel’s or Akasha’s, but for normal riding Popoca’s!

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what is the weight of…? please share some pictures :slight_smile:

@Nowind trampa Gummies?

@whitepony trampa Stickies 90mm?

@fottaz mbs all terrain wheels?

@Jinra @on1y evolve gtx 97mm?


Evolve ABEC11 F1 Wheels (107mm, w/o bearings & spacer)

Slick Revolution Rough Stuff Wheels (110mm, w/ bearings & spacer)


Gummies are 2.1lbs for a set of 4…nearly 2.8lbs lighter then a set of 107s

Curious to know how they ride compared to ABEC 11 and nummies. Do you have experience? (sorry for derailing a bit).

Nope. Just ordered them however @gogomrrobot has them who has both gummies and 107s

Thanks, will PM him

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Here’s visual proof of 2.1lb/set

Can’t remember who’s picture this is

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.6 lb / .272kg.


nope what wtf they look class

what are the rough stuff never seen before

Dude what are those??? Is that chain drive gummies sized wheels with disc brakes I see inside?