Weird behavior of my Meepo V2P

Hello guys Desperatly need help! I just got a meepo V2P (second hand) and there’s something weird with acceleration: It looks like sometimes it’s not gradual. I mean when I turn the remote’s wheel up, all is good then, it skips accelerating for a short time then it “catches up” with the speed, giving me a kick in the butt. It’s not always happening, and not always at the same speed, which is very annoying. Any idea where that comes from? Cheers, D.

PS: I’m in the process of building my own deck, so this is not just random forum post, I’m some kind of a builder :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sounds like a cutout, meaning the remote is loosing connection with the receiver. I don’t know anything about Meepo’s, but symptomatically that’s what I would check first. Maybe relocate the receiver if it’s a separate piece.

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I second this… But with v1 meepo the reciever is built into the esc board… U could try re-pairing the remote a.see if that happens…sometimes power off helps… Other times it’s just yur general area

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Thanks guys.

Receiver is built-in indeed

I suspected it was a connection problem so I re-paired them 2 days ago. Still the same I’m afraid.

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So I experienced this with this board it is due to the battery being very small and not being able to constantly draw out the amps required when not in full charge

When the board is on full charge you don’t feel it as much except on steep uphills

That is what I think at least I didn’t make any conclusive tests

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Ok, so basically If the problem disappears next time I’ll charge the battery, I’ll know.


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This is very common with early Meepo ESCs. These microstutters aren’t symptomatic of impending failure, but they won’t go away. So replacing with a newer spec ESC is the way to go.

If you still want the “kick in the pants” acceleration and the “throw out an anchor” braking, go with this ESC:

If you want a better overall upgrade with smooth power and even better braking, get this one (strong recommend):

Sooooo basically it could be the remote, the battery or the ESC :rofl:

Better change my board for a new one, then…

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