Weird BMS balance port

Hello, just got back to upgrading my board and got really confused with the BMS, let me explain: I have two 6s batteries connected in series, and I bought a 6s 10A BMS for easier charging (charge only) but after soldering everything and trying to connect the balance cable to the BMS port, I couldn’t get it in there, and then I noticed that it wasn’t the “normal” 6s port, it was smaller.

So my only way of connecting a balance cable to the BMS is connecting the one that came with the BMS, but that one has no connectors on the other side, and I don’t want to start soldering tiny balance cables. What are my options here? should I just get a different BMS with a full-size port? Is there any adaptor from the smaller 6s to the standard one? I took some pictures to make it clearer: 34



Hope you can help me Thanks!

It’s possible that they use the same pin size and socket, so it might be possible to just switch the white housing and keep the cable.

Try taking a pin out from each and compare. Careful though, it’s live :joy:

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Just checked, pin sizes are also smaller, so I can’t swap them out manually

That’s a shame. Sounds like a solder job then.

Welp. Mabye I’ll just get another BMS with a normal sized port, they’re like 5$. Thanks for trying

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The larger one is JST XH and the smaller one is JST PH series

Oh, I tried looking up a balance cable with the PH one but couldn’t find anything, any recommendations on where i should look?

something like this?

Yeah, but with the other side as two 3s balance cables, like this one:

oh hmmmmmmm cant say i’ve seen much in that size.

buying another bms might be easier but if you want to make your own adapter, rs-online has all the connecters

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Thanks for all the help, I’ll probably get a bms.

Edit: Do you think this bms has the XH port or the PH one? I can’t really tell and its not specified in the specs.

the little fin things on the top of the plug look like XH

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