Weird charger behaviour - is this normal?

I just bought a 10S charger and thought I should test the output voltage to make sure it’s working fine.

The voltage fluctuates like this: 41.7 -> 41.8 -> 41.9 -> 42.0 -> 41.7 -> 41.8 -> 41.9 -> 42.0

This happens on cycle of about 1.5-2 seconds.

Is this normal behaviour or is it pooched?


That’s… odd. What charger do you have? Mine reads a constant 42.2v

Just a standard 42V 2A charger. It’s this one (bought elsewhere):

Send it back

I mean does it charge your board properly and at the correct current? If so then that could just be some type of internal logic fluctuating the voltage to keep it CC.