Weird Movement from Motor Plate

I went out on a ride today and noticed some weird sound coming from the motor plate. The mount is hooked up fine and i don’t think belt tension is bad, see video for what the tension is like, but there’s just this in and out movement on the mount when i am acceleration or carving to the right. I’m not sure if it’s the pulley of if my bearing is shot/core is bad. No idea what it could be. see video for reference. I don’t think it’s normal as it wasn’t doing this before. Only thing i changed on both motors was the angle that they sit at. I angled it a little bit more towards the deck for more clearance. Any help is appreciated


Looks like the motorplate bends. Are you sure your wheel pulley is nicely centered? Do you feel different belt tension when you turn the wheel? Maybe you got a little rock stuck into your wheelpulley?

Hm… what would the problem be if it was different belt tension when i spun the wheel? like what would be the best way to remedy that situation? because visually the pulley looks very aligned and i don’t think a rock is stuck there, i will still check later tonight. No pulley teeth ground off, looks good as new

Could be the motor can or the shaft is not straight.

Try swapping the left wheel for the right and see if the problem moves to the other mount.

I agree. Looks like a misaligned pulley. Or, a small pebble in one of the pulleys, but it looks to clean to have been ridden. :grinning:

That’s pretty tight tension. That can stress the motor shaft and may cause it to bend, or warp the bearings, which would result in an uneven can when spinning.

I would decrease the tension. Belts, especially wider belts, don’t need to be very tight.



your wheel pulley is waaaay off

How so? What’s the best way to adjust?

Loosen your belt. Slide motor closer to wheel.

Like the motor mount? / motor plate?

The motor. Loosen the screws that bolt to the motor, slide the motor back so belt is looser, then re-tighten motor screws.

How about for the wheel pulley? Apparently it’s very off alignment. Do you think the same?

I think your motor pulley is fine. But the shaft it is attached to is slightly bent. It can only be fixed with a new shaft or new motor.

I’ve done it, caused by a tight belt.

Sorry, just saw you said wheel pulley. I doubt it’s the wheel, but worth a check. Looks like the imbalance is coming from the motor.

Edit: just watched again, could easily be the wheel pulley.

take the pulley off, then see how true the wheel spins

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Alrighty I’ll send a video here soon!

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I have a bad feeling your wheel isn’t spinning even close to true :confused:

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Would switching with another wheel on the set be fine? Or do i have to purchase a whole set? Or purchase new pulley?

first see if it’s actually the wheel or the wheel pulley, it it is the wheel, then ya, just grab one of the front wheels and switch it out

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Yo Greco pm me your number lemme Skype/FaceTime you in an hour or two. Let’s see if we can work this out