Weird noise when accelerating fast

On the Vesc tool u could check the inductance an resistance and compare to what it was in the past.

I think that was the problem. I took the shaft apart and saw that at the bottom where it is locked with a bolt the shaft is scraped. Anyway trying to assemble it back didn’t go so well so the motor is dead(bearings got broken). Probably will order Tacon Bigfoot 160 245kv

Got no vesc but esc. But I think I found the problem. Thanks!

Bummer, any pics? Sounds like your motor is salvageable. Maybe needs a new shaft. I wish there was a motor wizard on this forum… someone we could send motors to for repairs. I have 3 motors that are fixable. Is the Bigfoot in stock?

I’ll post them later when I’m near it. Yea it is fixable just need to get my hands on those bearings. Yup they’re back in stock :slight_smile: