Weird over-engineered mechanical idea: Hydraulic automatic belt tensioner

So, older BMWs use a special hydraulic piston with a spring inside to automatically tension the serpentine belt just enough at all times.

by comparison, drive belts on our boards seem to need pretty constant adjustment and maintenance and a belt slip can throw you off your board or prevent you from stopping

So what’s the feasibility of finding a very small version of this guy, and essentially putting it between the motor and the trucks along the axis of the motor mount so its constantly keeping them at the perfect tension?

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It would be much easier to do a tension controlled idler wheel

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got a visual example of what that might look like? seems like it’d be set up similar to the clutch wheel in this image, but how would you have that idler maintain tension, just a spring?


Ummm … what?

They should not need constant maintenance or it’s built wrong

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hmmmm seems un necessary. as long as the belt stays tight enough, moving part is not required. those system mainly used for tracked vehicles such as tank.

That’s why a chain drive is a way better Idea.

Maybe a small spring loaded idler vs a bulky hydraulic setup. A small stiff spring might work

But I haven’t heard any complaints about the dual idler setup that you can buy from @marcmt88

I personally don’t have any problems even without idlers. I run dual 12mm belts and I weight 95kg. I never experienced any teeth skipping.

I noticed that after a short running in i toghten my belts and that’s it.

Mine skip under 10mph under very hard braking. 15mm belts. Probably because I run them a little loose