Weird Question: 12s BMS to 11s BMS, Any Ideas?

For my build I bought a 12s BMS( I orignally planned to do a 12s system) After specking my motor out I decided stay below the 60,000 erpm’s so I would prefer to just run an 11s system. Any ideas on how to pull that off? Hardware -11 5000mah 1s batteries -44V 48V 50.4V 12S 60A Lithium ion Li-ion LiPo Li-Polymer Battery BMS PCB System

Could I possibly just wire in a small resistor and make a “12th dummy battery”, I have no idea. Anyways any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

Would not reccomenD it better off selling the bms and getting the proper one

Not possible. Just run a 12a system and limit erpm in the vesc setrings.

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Will do. The reason I wanted to drop to 11s was to physically limit the erpms. If I limit it in just the vesc settings what kind of risk am I running?

None as long as you set it correctly.

perfect. Thanks for your input

Turn off the " Limit ERPM with negative torque And set limits to -60k and 60k You’ll likely not exceed 60k anyway unless your flying down a long steep mountain road or turning your board upside down and pulling the throttle

@nmiller14 : Read this old thread, it’s interesting and can help you :wink: