Weird throttle behavior on VESC


Just upgraded this E-board to a VESC 4.12

I´m new to VESC and BLDC tool. But i have a weird throttle behavior. From about 70-100% throttle, the motor just spins up maximum rpms, without any difference between 70-100 % throttle.

When i check my ppm output, it`s looks fine, when i not touching the remote it is 50%, and full throttle 100%

Ohh and sometimes when i give fast throttle indput from 0, i can make the motor "stutter a little. Something i can do about that ??

Please help a newbee thanks :slight_smile:

Max revs at any throttle is normal with current control if you lift up the wheels, for me it goes to max revs even at 10% if I lift up the wheels. Do you notice a difference between 70 and 100 when riding normally?

Your remote is acting normally

A little motor stuttering from startup is normal if you run unsensored. You can prevent this by pushing your board once at startup, or using sensored motors

If your on a bench it is normal, to see a difference you need to put some load on your motor… Like when you ridding it…

Hallo Stef and JohnnyMeduse And thanks for answering :slight_smile:

I have only tested on the bench, with no load on the motor. But with my old normal esc, i could change rpm`s on the bench. But maybe the VESC is doing something different ?

I will try riding tomorrow, im a newbee, so full throttle behavior on the bench makes me a little nervous

the Vesc is a current control esc, so if don’t have any current rushing trough it won’t give you more power.

I try riding my board tomorrow then… Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Btw. What about my Erpms limits. Wich i think is default numbers. They are okay ?

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You could set the ERPM to -60,000 and 60,000 to be safe, but it looks like you’re running a 6s system, so as long as you have a motor kv under 300ish, I doubt it would really change anything.


Yes exactly a 6s Lipo setup I wil set the Erpm to 60.000 just in case :slight_smile:

Btw. Battery cutoff start and end. What is that exactly ? And what numbers with 6s lipo setup ?

And one more. When im building racing drones, can i in the software GUI change my throttle curve. Is this possible in the BLDC tool as well ? Im a newbee, so i dont want to fast acceleration from 0 mph / kmph to lets say 50 % throttle. If i dont want 100 % top speed when going full throttle on my remote, is it just a matter of changing the PPM max number, so instead of 100 % when full throttle i have eg. 70 %

I’ll let you search around for 6s cutoff settings. I’m sure you’ll find them :wink:

That’s awesome! Drones may be my next tinkering project. I completely understand what you’re saying. The BLDC tool that Vedder built does not have throttle curves. However @Ackmaniac’s firmware and modifed BLDC tool do, so I’d check that out :slight_smile:

Cool thanks…

OMG… Back from my first riding, with my new VESC… this esc is sooooooo much better than stock esc, like crazy better. I dont think i need different throttle curve, because the throttle curve and throttle response on the vesc vs. stock esc is soooo much better.

Damn, this is the best thing to do with a chineese E-board…

Btw. Flying fpv with racing drones, is something everybody should try.

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