Weird throttle behaviour when accelerating

Hi. I have a rather unusual problem. Well, when accelerating, the gas randomly cuts, literally as if I was playing with the throttle all the time. It is definitely not due to the temperature of vesc, or the charge level of the battery. This only happens from medium speeds (10-15kmh). This phenomenon does not occur when braking. The VESC I use is the VESC 4 single from Flipsky, the motor sensors are set to hybrid. The remote I am using is the VX1 Flipsky. The board is powered by the 10s4p vtc5A battery (BMS only charging). I have just run the ppm input wizard once again, tomorrow morning I will let you know if it helped. Thanks in advance

I can see the future on this issue already.

But, flipsky vx1 is very spotty with it’s connection. The results is basically throttle dancing. I had that issue before. As for the esc, make sure your battery amp isn’t over 25 amps. For some reason that esc doesn’t go well with higher battery current.

Check the ppm wires and see if it isn’t loose. If it isn’t, it’s the remote. I guess that issue still hasn’t been fixed yet.

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flipsky vx1 is very spotty with it’s connection.

Unfortunately, I was able to experience it once when a hybrid car overtook me and the remote disconnected for a while. I always had the battery current set to 30A, everything worked as it should. It started to happen lately, it is very possible that I messed something up in the settings. Tomorrow I will let you know if the problem persists.

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Okay, maybe it’s a bit better, but still acting weird. I don’t know what’s wrong.

The vx1 remote. I’m calling it. But you need another remote to confirm.

I’m having a similar issue with my Endeavor Pro which has a Flipsky 6.6, one of the motors is not running like the other one and on the VX2 it says 40mph and the battery meter goes to zero when the good side just starts to spin

Check phase wire and any other wire connected, then swap the motor phase wires out to the opposite side and see if its the esc or the motor.

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Thank you, will do that and report back

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Make sure you do a motor detection test after swapping.

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I switched the phase and sensor wires and ran motor detection and it looks like it in the vesc

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Then the esc has been damaged. I recommend makerx as a possible swap.

It may be. I’ll reach out to my friend that have vx2 to test it. Also, I don’t trust the vesc, because I repaired it once after drv failure. I will check it this week.

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I will just telll you what happened to me. I had SAME issue, but, it was when I hit bump, so, I checked the solder of wire on connector to power vesc. It was about to break. Fixed. I also get sketchy throttle, when I invariably have to fully plug back in my spades on phase wires. Check EVERY possible wire that rattles.

They were all secured with zip ties, I’ll check the solder joints again but pretty sure it’s a component on the circuit board. Any idea how to check a DRV chip?

Should be a drv fault in vesc tools if its the drv chip.

Are there any faults in the terminal?

Rebooting the ESC or powering it off clears the faults, so check prior to that, but after an incident.

After incident one motor wasn’t responsive so I re-flashed 5.2 firmware and did setup and now the side that wasn’t responsive is week. There are no faults running bench test. Should I ride it?

If you have a helmet.

Lol, I would definitely wear gear because when it happened it was just going to be a little cruise in the parking lot before bed so I didnt wear gear and I went to bed scraped up

I contacted Flipsky and they told me that it can’t drv or chip because it is impossible to drive the motors when those are bad, also when trying to switch Can Devices it won’t write or read and sometimes it will reboot and slave side will disappear