Weird vesc cuttoff for split second

Ok, so lately I’ve been experiencing a weird blip when accelerating. it sorta feels like the motor cuts out for a split second. It happens more at lower battery levels but I’ve also experienced it with plenty of charge left. I’m running a 10s pack with a vesc and single drive. I’ve never had any problems before now and there were no incidents prior to the time it started happening that might have caused this. Is it possible my vesc needs to be updated? seems like it shouldnt care since its had the same setup for a year. My batteries are a little less than a year old and seem to be fine. as I said earlier, it happens even when the batteries are full. I dont think its an issue with the controller either but I could be wrong. any input is appreciated.

Specifically, what battery pack do you have…? 10s2p? Could be voltage sag if it happens when accelerating, but since it happens at a full charge, I could be wrong.

Ya 10s 2p. well it happens even when I’m accelerating very lightly so not sure it’s sag