Welded vs clamped motor mounts

Just go to a Local Welding shop and have them TIG welded .

hello, this subject souds good. I’m interesting by welding trucks cause i snap mine few time ago. my board is mounted with some Gullwing Siderwinder trucks (double kingpin) same as the evolves trucks. They are soooo good, very stable at high speed (30 mph) and can make very smal turns at low speed. the only problem is that they have no profile (i mean no round square or U section) so mu first plan was to buy a round profile motor mount (very cheap but hard strong steel) I use a leathe to create a round section on witch I hot set a steel tube to reinforce the trucks and create a strong support to fix my motor mount. The system was very good during 2years, i mean no 1mm of loosening in 2years. But as I say the truck snap a few time ago so I have a new plan; I’ll re make a round profile on the trucks with the leathe and create an aluminum “ring” on the leathe that will fit around my truck. I’ll weld this ring on the trucks and this ring will hold my motor mount plate with 3 screws.

What do you think of my plan? what type of welding is the best for this project? does any type of aluminum can be weld on the truck aluminum? Do you have any question?


this is my motor mount , i pay the entire set only 40€ (43$) you can see the ring that i will recreate in aluminum and the plate that she hold with the 3 srews. so if I want I can disassemble the plate and I only have a small ring welded to my trucks so I can use them on a normal board just by unscrew those 3 screws. This is a good point!


This is the plan of my mount, It’s write in french but you can see the idea.


this is my old montage and how it snaped