Welding Torque Board Motor Mount?

Is it possible that you could weld a torque board motor mount to the trucks becuse I am having a problem with it coming lose all the time.

yes its possible but theyre designed to work without welding of course.

Post some pics usually its fixable with shims.

When you weld it, it can become brittle and snap right off

I will try using some shims. I was just swing if there was a more permanent way.

@SyrusB - If your still having issues with it send us some photos [email protected] We can possibly send you one of our new clamps which you won’t have any issues with.

I had the exact same issue with this mount and talked with Dexter about this. Turned out that I just didn’t have the balls to crank the big screw hard enough. I tried to compensate wigglyness with the little set screws and that always came loose. Loosen set screws and look for an extra long hex key, then put all your force on it. It will tighten eventually before the screw strips (at least it did for me) and you should not need shims. Good luck :slight_smile:

I always used a Impact Drill (Makita Powaaa!) Damn thing went in so hard it snapped the bolt 2x

Mine just snapped while tightening it. Wasn’t event tight yet, still wiggling. @torqueboards can you help?

Update 5/2, I just received a new part. Thanks @torqueboards for the fast turnaround. Recommendation is to tighten bottom set screw (the one going to the flat part of the truck) first, and then the big bolt. I didn’t do that before.

Well I finally found the perfect solution to this problem I took some of the black and red epoxy and put it on each side if the motor Mount it has not moved for 3weeks and is still going strong.

When you apply the epoxy, do you need to sand/file the area first, or do you just apply the epoxy straight to the mount and painted truck?

I did not do any of that and is it is there to stay it has not moved and I go over at ton of stuff to make vibrations

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I need a new motor mount to fit torque board trucks that will fit a 190kv totally bitching motor (dual setup)… does anyone have this for sale? My screw stripped out and busted inside the thread port. Any bumper bar to aid in protection would be added advantage.