Well, Im starting my skateboard trailer attachment, for shopping etc

To attach to pants, I am using this money clip. Barlow Nickel Men’s Money Clip Front Pocket Hinged Folding Metal Wallet >NEW< | eBay

Which has a large hook, near the top. With a rolled clip section.

I attach a hook, somewhat like this one, 10X Rustic Cast Iron Coat Hat Wall Hooks Restore School Farm Towel Bath Kitchen | eBayand put it so that a small portion protects front of board. It will be mounted upside down, under front.

So, I put the moneyclip, to my rear of pants, and attach the board, to that hook. And peruse, saunter, stroll, shop, browse. And as long as I go forward, it follows. So, for instance, in the grocery, I have board trailing behind, and I put my backpack to the front, and open. I fill it up, and then go to register, OR, fill basket somewhat, and hand carry bags while boarding. Usually, the backpack is most handy.

This makes the board as innocuous as this PEV, kit firebird talking - Bing imagesOnly it doesnt have to wait around the corner.

Much better than a handle. doubles as a bumper. The only drawback is, I have a push to start antispark, so while walking, it will turn board on, so, I just leave it on while shopping.

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