Well that's a first for me (wrecked bearings)


I’m riding along and suddenly the back gets all loose and crazy. Stop and check the board, and the wheel popped right off!

I’m thinking, preventative maintenance, new bearings every year…

Dang bro, savage. RUN DRY!

Or you could you know put some fresh grease in them when they get slightly noisy. Maybe only twice a year depending on how much water you ride through.

Get this should reduce how often you need to add grease. image

Which bearings are those?

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I’ve tried a few different bearings and reds lasted longer

I would say those were more neglected bearings vs wrecked bearings.

funbox with the built in spacer/speedring.

Zealous up next!

FWIW the ones that didn’t crumble are still running smooth. I used to clean and lube and all this stuff before powered boards, but I found that when I started completely neglecting them on my daily commuter board, the bearings just kept going and going, it got to a point where I was waiting for them to seize. Still rolling smooth.

I don’t think the lack of lube is what did them in. They weren’t brutally hot or anything when they came apart.

I liked this stuff back when I could be bothered :slight_smile:


Their website seems to be down, sad times!

Also this stuff

At least regrease your bearings after riding in rain, and occasionally every few rides than you’re golden.

With appropriate maintenance you should be able to keep good bearings a few years easily.

Well, no wonder!! Seems like your board just came from its 5th tour in Irak bro.