Well this didnt go Well, shorted pack

As the titel states i shorted my pack

8s3p liion brand new samsung 30Q cells

First shorted singel cell during soldering then when the pack was Done accedently tuched ends and Bang for halv A second and black marks on the nickel. Please Tell me i can still use the pack and to What consequenses? Will it affekt charge cycles and capacity?

pictures - we need to be able to assess the damage

Really need help

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I got 2 spare batteries but when it shorts the whole pack does so dont know if it would even help

ok so get a voltage meter and test each cell - if the one that you shorted in particular is weaker than the others then you should take it out. The others look fine… but your soldering could use some improvement. Anyways, as long as it was momentarily the overall pack still looks usable to me

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check the voltage and if it’s​ too much drift, balance them, and that’s it, usually nothing happens if is a momentary short. It happened to me too with the same cells when I was making the pack, and is running for more than 500km, no issues. Enjoy!!

Thanks but it happend twice

Check voltage on individual cells på that specific cells opposit Polens?