Wet Roads/Rain Deck: Top-Mount Alternative to Loaded Vanguard?

autumn/winter is coming up and I thought a while already about building up a board that can take rain/wet roads, since I hate the days when I need to take the car or my bike to work.

I really really LOVE my vanguard, so Im looking for a very similar feeling deck, just without a bottle nose so that the wheel spray wont really get to me, i.e. topmount is a must and it should pretty much cover the wheels. I would also try to use trucks that are more narrow than the typical calibers to really cover the wheels.

anyone got any good suggestions for a deck?

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I think @jacobbloy made a really cool off road boosted board with some modifications

not looking for all terrain wheels though, just looking for a vanguard-like top mount deck that covers the wheel spray - seems quite hard to find. all flex decks I find are either pintails or bottle nose … might have to think about wheel covers … :laughing:

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how about these?

may help with your problem

Very very disappointing @whitepony!

We expect GF/CF wheel covers on YOUR board! :innocent: :joy:

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aesthetics are a problem with those :grin:

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how about this with some CF/GF

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you could design it to fit the shape of the board

Think with some work you can actually make these look quite awesome!

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