Wet roads -> Rain guards


Since I live in belgium and we do have a lot of rain riding isn’t always easy. Since i still prefer riding over walking i would like some rain guards on the wheels so i don’t ruin my pants when i ride on wet roads or puddles. Any ideas on this? I was think about wheel wells from fibreglass/ABS…

I bought some of these: http://wheelshields.com and they work. You’d need to be aware of how they connect. Their system for locking in place isn’t perfect and could, possibly, damage your trucks. Also, they take space on the threads so you might need to extend the thread depending on your setup. Lastly, they won’t work with the classic Enertion drive hubs as the carbon fiber outer wheel but hole isn’t large enough. That said, the new injection molded ones ( http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/enertion-injection-molded-36t-wheel-pulley/1202/12 ) should work. Others may work to.

Simple problem. Just buy top mount deck that are wide enough to cover the wheels.

But wait a minute… doesn’t the Raptor get destroyed by water? First post here due to ordering the Raptor two days ago. Getting nervous already the more I read I realize maybe this board isn’t for me, I know nothing about programming but I’m pretty handy with a skateboard.

no it doesn’t along as you don’t soak it in a puddle

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Awesome! Hopefully I will get my board before the summer is over here in Sweden.