Wh per km on pneumatics?

I’m deciding between batteries, but Im not even sure how much power will I use, me and the board are around 115kg together, and I ride pretty aggressive on the streets.

I’m thinking around 25wh/km or 40wh/mile maybe :confused:

yeah id say your average would be 40ish a know maybe 45-50 if you really like climbing hills

per mile or km? Thats really a lot… if per km

I thik 18whr is an accepted average value, subject to clarification on those who ran some tests

Oops my bad, I’m a US folk over here. I was thinking miles.

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that is per 2 vesc right? since he did it on 2 carvons

i will just use 22 and probably get a bit more than expected but thats not a bad thing

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I am getting around 20-30Wh/km on dual 6384 depending how you ride and hill situation :slight_smile:

flat city, all on sea level so no hills but lots of space to go full speed

I’m using 8" pneumatic, 130kv dual drive and 1:5.5 gearing and i get around 15-20wh/km. Riding many hills and mostly on paved roads but of course also some grass and rocky paths. When i ride full on hard enduro mode in thick mud and forests this value doubles or triples sometimes but i didn’t do this lately.

im not looking to go off road, i think im going to go with 12s7p 25r :smiley:

Did we not talk about this :stuck_out_tongue: 25R heats up when run at 20a Samsung Q30 runs at 15a cool and can even do 20a without getting toasty, and then we talked about 8-10p going for cheaper 10a cells.

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I had some unexpected bills, so im on an even smaller budget

30q is too expensive for me on 6p (aiming around 20ah) 25r is a super good deal, and will have a plenty of unused amps on 7p so it wont get hot Sanyo/panasonic 18650GA cells are also an option but then at 7p I would get only around 55A cont which is IMO too weak for dual 6374

Maybe not? You will hardly hit 60A with 12S and dual 6374! Only when you accelerate hard so i would aim for a 12S7p Sanyo GA pack.

At single 6374 i pull 70a for around 3-4 seconds from a 30q pack on dual that should be 2x 35a so again 70A but i would not limit the motors at 35a, I would limit them on 60A

Whats the amp draw of a dual 6374 on hard acceleration from standstill does it max out or maybe around 50 per motor? idk

Im loosing 5ah when choosing a 25r pack but have lots of room for amps, but the GA costs the same and im not so confident its enaugh

I can do about 20km on my trampa with primo strikers. 12s, 4x 3s 8000mah zippies. Do the math

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Thats a 350wh battery, and your consumpion is 17wh/km