What 3D/CAD models do you need? 3D files CAD request thread

I am a huge open source/hardware proponent and I am kind of annoyed by people not sharing 3D models for mounts, pulley, gt2b mods, remote covers, pulley cover, wheels etc. This in my opinion, slows down the progress that can be made. STL files don’t matter because they can’t be modified(easily)

I have decided to post the relevant solidworks files(and the formats the that I can convert to) on my github page. Also I am taking requests to design the commonly used parts for you, for free and share it.

To give you an example, if we had all the parts together we could assemble the whole drive train and inspect for errors instead of sorting things out by trial and errors. I started …

What I am hoping we would discuss in this thread is different design needs and solutions. The designers will design based on common needs and suggestions and also make modifications. Requests in this thread would be awesome.

And what I am hoping comes out of this is a sticky thread that has links to all the 3D parts out there.

Designs Completed

  1. snap in version of pulley
  2. Mud flaps
  3. Pulley cover(derivative of something I found here)

Things to do:

  1. VESC Enclosure

Files by people

mishrasubhransu: Solidworks2015 files available at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1q9GisJy4tHN1JiSlZubmVpaUk?usp=sharing


Looking to 3D print a motor mount for 90mm flywheel clones https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01IBJXVUW/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1473543889&sr=8-4&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=90mm+flywheels&dpPl=1&dpID=410wSF1HWML&ref=plSrch

@cryzies 3D printing a motor mount seems like a bad idea :c

If you print it with Nylon it should be quite solid!

idea: modular VESC enclosure that can accomodate heatsinks (something like 6mm height heatsinks placed on mosfets both sides?) and a fan (30x30mm, 40x40mm or blower fan 50x15mm)


Hey! Great idea! I guess this is an easy one, but i’m needing one. Could you do an abec htd5 wheel pulley of 32T? I can’t seem to find anything. Thank you very much!

@JuniorPotato93 pretty much has us covered for wheel pulleys, maybe you could make a request for the 32T pulley at http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/abec-11-flywheels-clones-34-36-38-40-42-44-48-50-tooth-pulley-stl-files-for-9mm-12mm-and-15mm-belts/

I like the VESC enclosure idea, in fact I already have one built for one of my Robots. I could adapt it for skateboard. Would you like to sketch it out on a piece of paper?


I would think, a nylon clamp won’t work, but for the motor mount, yes.

Snap in Flywheel and Kegel wheel pulleys with built in bearing inserts would be nice.

I think the most common config is 36T with 9mm, 12mm and 15mm options.


I tried making the a 32 Tooth one with room for either the nut or the head of a bolt for both the kegel and the abec/clones. There wasn’t enough room. The head of the bolt or the nut extends into what should be an empty cavity for the belt.

The kegel version without the nut cavity did work because the kegel hub pattern is smaller than the abec/clone one. I’m at school for the time being and don’t have a lot of time to do bulk models and batch releases for a bit but if I get a chance I’ll double check to see if the 32 can work with a smaller bolt head or maybe a socket head cap screw would work

I use M5x65 mm bolts and they are pretty small, maybe they could work.

I, absolutely, understand that schools sucks in so much of ones time, but you already have done an awesome job with all the pulleys, thanks for that.

I know you are not a huge fan of the snap in versions, but I think we should give them a try. It actually might be very easy now, given that you already have the models.

When I get time maybe during automatically reading week, I’ll see if I can do a mass upload if a snap in version but I can tell you know it would work for the kegel. I’ve snapped off the prongs that stick out quite easily during the test phase of me making those when they came out too thick, just so I could check the rest of the fit.

The flywheels do have an advantage in their hub allowi ng for thicker studs that kinda integrate into the hub portion of the pulley as well. But we’ll see once I get the time.


+1 What he said! I can’t believe the vesc doesnt come with an enclosure already.

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My brother and I have been talking about enclosures in general. I had the idea of an almost modular enclosure set up. Say you wanted this type of box with this nose and this back. Or one with the same nose and back but a bit longer or shorter. But he sucks at 3D modeling. So that’s as far as it got.

looking for cad file on motor mount. i’m pretty much there with one of my own, but a tried and tested one would be nice.

This is my first time doing anything in CAD… The dimensions are somewhat correct.

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thanks i have that part, what about the secondary piece connected to the trucks (caliber II’s) something like this:

I haven’t made it yet.

Are there any youtube tutorials you would recommend on doing 3D design work like this?