What about dual front drive?

We all know DR and DD drive schemes. I’m pretty sure a lot of you have been into electric skateboards long enough to have tried it: dual front drive. What about it ? Does it work ? Disadvantages ?

I think braking would suck on dual front, but that’s just my guess.

either way, I’ve never seen anyone do it, so I don’t know about any concrete evidence. To test it, someone could simply turn on reverse, and then ride their board backwards… lol.

@trbt555 I ride my single-motor setup in FWD sometimes. I feel like torque-steering is reduced a little bit in that configuration. This might caused by my stance and particular riding style (and of course this isn’t an issue in dual-drive). I think it would be a matter of preference. Braking has been fine in FWD, I use VESC. Between the two, I like RWD because I like the feeling of being “pushed” into speed rather than “pulled.”

I like to pop the front up over obstacles and cracks… so don’t want weight at the front…

for me: 4WD :slight_smile: or DRD… maybe single rear under the heel side… currently in the process of testing some single drive options.

agreed; I love a nice kicktail

@cmatson i dont think braking would suck on dual front. I think braking would work better on the front. Because as you slow down all your body weight moves forward and pushes the front wheels into the ground, so you would have more braking grip.


@lowGuido being that better than 70% of typical automotive braking is done with the front brakes I agree that braking would be much better with DFD drive. This also leads to the conclusion that you would have a better than 70% chance of face planting with aggressive braking on a DFD setup. LOL

Yeah. problem?

I have my reverse programmed at 100% on my double kick daily beater. Because of that, i can flip the board around and flip the throttle inverse switch on my GT2B and have DFD any time i want.

Having ridden both, i prefer DRD. Honestly i cant really feel too much of a difference in breaking with DFD over DRD. But the weight at the back of the board makes all the difference in the world. I really don’t like a front heavy board.

easy !

if your remote have the reverse trigger/button …

just look the other way and squeeze that “reverse trigger/button” , viola ! you have a front dual drive eboard .

In the automotive industry pople usually prefer rwd because of the better power delivery while accelerating and less understeer during cornering.

But are these valid Points for electric skateboarding? First, I don’t think that you get better power delivery on the rear wheels while accelerating, because your weight ratio isn’t fixed and while accelerating you naturally lean forward. Second, Loosing traction is scary but understeering is probably even scarier than loosing traction at the rear wheels. Overseeing even seems to be what caused RunPlayBacks friend to fall of his board so badly ( https://youtu.be/bVZz8EN_NKw?t=8m30s ).

Is there a specific reason for you preference?

It looks like Everyone is using RWD, so it most likely is superior but whats the science behind it?

I have a benchwheel that defaults to dfd every time it’s turned on. Sometimes I’m lazy and just ride it that way. I agree that braking is stronger. Going uphill feels easier as well. But I feel like I get more speed wobbles going over harsh roads or cracks. And it does feel very unbalanced when I’m turning. Mainly because my back wheels tend to lift off more often when I’m turning, and the sudden speed burst when I shift my weight throws me off.